Lower eyelid fat grafting (or fat transfer) has gained widespread popularity amongst plastic surgeons over the last few decades. It can be a great option for replacing lost volume in the face and is a potentially permanent option, as compared to fillers.  This is all well and good.  However, it is important to really think this procedure through prior to proceeding with it, especially when fat grating the lower lids.  Why? Because some bad complications can occur.

Here are important facts to consider about fat grafting:

  1. Grafted fat has an unpredictable survival. A 50% survival is what is quoted. This has never been proven scientifically. It is only an opinion!!!
  2. Fat is typically taken from the inner thighs, abdomen, or other areas where fat can deposit in the body. This type of fat is different than facial fat. This fat can grow as we gain weight. There have been many patients whose faces have become large over time after having fat grafted to the face.
  3. The body may attack the transferred fat (to remove it). Even though it is our own tissue, it is placed in a different location, so the body considers it foreign. When this happens, lumps, bumps and contour irregularities can occur (what Dr Massry calls “LBCs”).
  4. The eyelid skin is very thin and cannot hide even minor irregularities (LBCs). These can be disfiguring to the facial appearance.
  5. Dr. Massry is soon to publish data that in a large series of patient studies this problem (#4 above) can occur in as high as 8% of patients who have fat grafting to the lower lids.
  6. Dr. Massry has treated many patients with fat grafting related LBCs to the lower lids. THIS IS VERY HARD TO CORRECT.
  7. Make sure to educate yourself about lower eyelid fat grafting before proceeding with this procedure.
  8. Most importantly, make sure that only an eyelid specialist does this procedure for you.

Case Studies – Fat Grafting Repair

Patient 1 – LUMPS & BUMPS

This patient had lower eyelid fat grafting a couple of years ago from another surgeon. In her pictures below, you can see she has lumps and bumps from the fat transfer. This appearance made her very self-conscious. To improve her appearance, Dr. Massry performed his cutting-edge procedure to remove the lumps and bumps through an incision inside the lower eyelid so he did not have to make any skin incisions.

Eyelid fat grafting repair - Dr Guy Massry


This patient was very unhappy with the results of under eye fat grafting from another surgeon. She came to Dr. Massry to remove the contour irregularities from the fat grafting to her lower eyelids. As opposed to the first patient, this patient had primarily lower eyelid prominence from fat grafting. This is another way fat grafting complications can present. In addition to the revision lower lid surgery, he also performed an outer brow lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty to rejuvenate her overall appearance.

Revision fat grafting surgery - Dr Guy Massry

See more patients before and after revision surgery with Dr. Massry.

Consult With A Fat Grafting Repair Expert

If you have experienced complications from a previous fat grafting surgery, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Guy Massry to learn more about how he can help you. Dr. Guy Massry is an oculoplastic surgeon who specializes in complex revision fat grafting procedures. To schedule a consultation with him, please call our office at 310.657.4302. For patients who live out of town, we offer initial Skype consultations so you can have your first appointment with Dr. Massry from the comfort of your own home!