In addition to seeing patients in his Beverly Hills office, Dr. Guy Massry is invited by countless associations and universities to lecture about his cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical techniques at both national and international conferences. Helping push the limits and advancing the field of oculoplastic surgery is very important part of Dr. Massry’s career. He thoroughly enjoys meeting surgeons from around the world, teaching them his advanced techniques, and learning from them as well.

2018 Lectures

February 2018

St. Louis University – Practical Anatomy Workshop

St. Louis University hosted a hands-on cadaver workshop and surgical training course to provide surgeons with a realistic learning experience. Dr. Massry presented several lectures and instructed a course on his intricate revision eyelid surgery techniques.

2017 Lectures

December 2017

Shanghai, China – LA Face
Dr. Massry goes to Shanghai, China several times a year where he has a practice called LA Face. While he is in Shanghai, he teaches local surgeons about his minimally invasive surgical techniques. 

November 2017 

New Orleans – American Academy of Ophthalmology Meeting
At the 2017 American Academy of Ophthalmology Meeting, Dr. Massry was invited to present a lecture on his Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty surgical approach and personal philosophy. 

October 2017

St. Petersburg, Russia – Live Surgery & Injection Course
It was a tremendous honor for Dr. Massry to be invited to attend the Advanced Blepharoplasty – Live Surgery & Injection Course in St. Petersburg, Russia to not only give lectures but to also be a member of the medical advisory board. Over 600 people from 50 different countries attended the conference.

September 2017

Los Angeles, CA – Southern California Oculoplastic Symposium
As an alum of the University of Southern California, Dr. Massry always enjoys when he gets the opportunity to go back and teach students. He loves being able to play a roll in the education of the future generations of surgeons. 

Sydney, Australia – Multidisciplinary Masters’ Symposium on Blepharoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation
Dr. Massry was the keynote speaker at the 3rd Triennial Multidisciplinary Masters’ Symposium on Blepharoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation is Sydney, Australia. The goal of the multidisciplinary symposium is to gather the world’s experts in the field so they can share exciting advances and innovations in this highly specialized field of facial cosmetic surgery. In addition to his keynote lecture, Dr. Massry presented 5 other lectures on various topics including endoscopic brow lifting, canthal suspension, and hyaluronic acid fillers.

August 2017

Los Angeles, CA – 13th International Facial Nerve Symposium
As a leader in the field of eyelid paralysis surgery, Dr. Massry was the director for the Oculoplastic Section of the 13th International Facial Nerve Symposium. Over the course of 2 days, over 400 people from around the world traveled to LA to learn from the pioneers in the field of facial paralysis surgery. 

June 2017

Las Vegas, NV – Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 
The annual Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Conference is one of the biggest aesthetic surgery conferences in the world. Surgeons from around the world travel to Las Vegas to learn from the top surgeons. Dr. Massry has been on the Advisory Board for the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference for over 10 years now. In 2017, he presented 5 lectures and moderated one of the blepharoplasty panels.

May 2017 

Guangzhou, China
Dr. Massry had the opportunity to speak at the Chinese Oculoplastic and Orbit Scientific Symposium in Guangzhou, China.

2016 Lectures

October 2016

AAFPRS Fall Meeting
Dr. Massry presented at the Annual American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Nashville.

His presentations included:

  • Master Video Presentation: Techniques in Blepharoplasty Massry
  • Management of the Lower Eyelid: Managing Difficult Issues of Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty
  • Pearls & Finesse: Eyelid Challenges & Complications Panel (moderator)
  • Emerging Trends & Minimally Invasive Periorbital Filler Video and Technique

Learn more about the AAFPRS.

June 2016

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Conference

Dr. Massry is honored to be a member of the 2016 Scientific Advisory Board for the annual Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Symposium. The Symposium was created to foster a spirit of cooperation and understanding between the four “core” specialties that are primarily involved in the science, practice, and teaching of aesthetic surgery and medicine.

This Symposium is proud to host the leading educators and teachers in the fields of facial plastic surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology and oculoplastic surgery.  Dr. Massry organized and coordinated the Oculoplastic section of the meeting. During the 2016 meeting Dr Massry presented the following lectures:

  • Moderated the Upper Eyelid Rejuvenation talks on Day 1 of the Symposium
  • “Howw Fillers Have Changed My Approach to Lower Eyelid Surgery”
  • Moderated the Contemporary Brow Lift Alternatives talks on Day 2 of the Symposium
  • “Nuances of Blepharoplasty: Lessons Learned Along the Way”
  • “De-Confusing Lateral Canthal Surgery”
  • Moderated the Panel Discussion – “Management of the Tear Trough: Blending the Lower Lid and Mid-Face”