Patient Testimonials


“I was afflicted with Bell’s Palsy in 2005. The paralysis affected the entire left side of my face, leaving me unable to properly blink or close my eye and unable to smile or make facial expressions…

I was referred to Dr. Massry by my ophthalmologist. My priorities were to improve comfort and function. I found Dr. Massry to possess all the qualities that other patients mention: knowledgeable, competent, realistic, creative, compassionate, patient and caring. I had spent years being my own advocate. Most physicians know little about Bell’s Palsy and there is no cure. I heard “there is nothing we can do” countless times. Insurance companies know even less about Bell’s Palsy and every treatment option can be a major battle for coverage. Dr. Massry suggested some surgical approaches that would minimize “cutting” on my already severely compromised eyelid. In lay terms, Dr. Massry repositioned the weights in my eyelid, repositioned my eyelashes and performed another left brow lift to raise my sagging eyelid. He also performed a right brow lift to improve overall symmetry.

The outcome hugely surpassed my admittedly limited hopes. Dr. Massry has changed my life! My eye closure is much better thus hugely reducing constant dry eye. I no longer suffer from irritating eyelashes 24/7. I don’t feel like I am looking out from under a “hood”. The biggest surprise was that my eyes appear much more normal and symmetrical. I am much less self conscious and people I meet for the first time do not ask if I had a stroke. I would recommend Dr. Massry to anyone who has need. He is truly THE BEST!”

Carole F. 


“Dear Dr. Massry – Until now I associated the word surgery with misery and disappointment. After being under the care of a doctor like you, I associate surgery with recovery, hope and optimism! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking my complicated case, Dr. Massry. More than being just an excellent surgeon, I value the fact that you are unbelievably kind and patient to me. You not only follow some procedure, but you have the eyes of a magic artist. You give your heart and soul in the process of surgery and after. Your personal calls to follow my condition after the surgery touch me so much. You are not only a brilliant surgeon, you are a unique, brilliant human being! Such an honor to know you!”

- E.S.

“Prior to meeting Dr. Massry, I had surgery on my upper and lower eyelids. The results were a disaster, including scars, muscle damage and overall asymmetry. Dr. Massry corrected the damage with perfection! His post surgical follow up was wonderful. Most important, I believe Dr. Massry to be a highly skilled surgeon that sincerely cares about his patients and their results. I would highly recommend Dr. Massry and will continue to appreciate his help.”

– Lisa E.

“Before I met Dr. Massry I used to have anxiety and sleepless nights before going to get procedures done because it was never certain what the results would be or what kind of personal treatment I was going to receive. After meeting Dr. Massry, going to an appointment just brightens my day and is absolutely carefree. Not only do I have 100% trust in Dr. Massry’s skill and integrity, he also treats me with genuine care and respect. He is one of a kind and I am so grateful to have met him.”

– A very happy patient


Dr. Massry is great. I go to him for Botox and he always makes me look so natural & refreshed without being overdone. Great doctor!

– Hailey B.


Dr. Massry changed my life. I was born with ptosis (droopy eyelid) and got a ptosis repair in 1997. It held up okay throughout my childhood but as I got older I began to notice my ptosis was over-corrected to the point that I didn’t even have a visible eyelid on the affected eye. It was definitely noticeable and I grew very self conscious of it… [After many disappointments with less professional doctors, my primary] eye doctor then recommended Dr. Massry.

I googled him extensively, looked at before and after photos/testimonials and liked what I saw. That’s when I decided to give his office a call and schedule a consultation. At my consultation I got all my questions answered and I really liked how confident Dr Massry was that he would be capable of doing something positive to my eyelid. Seeing that this would be my 3rd eyelid surgery, I have a LOT of scar tissue so reopening the same wound is tricky and dangerous but Dr Massry assured me that he could make this a lot better for me and was confident in his ability to do so. And that is exactly what he did.

After my surgery with Dr Massry I finally have an eyelid again, and it’s 99.99999% even with the other one. I didn’t even know this could be possible with such a complicated, tricky case. I am so unbelievably grateful that I can look in the mirror with ease and not hide my eye behind bangs anymore. I would highly recommend Dr. Massry to anyone who has ptosis or had a bad ptosis correction surgery. He is great at what he does and there’s a reason he is so well rated and highly praised. I can’t thank him enough.”

Alice B.


“Great Doctor! Great and lovely human being!”

“[Dr. Massry] Did a brilliant job with finesse and kindness – I was so grateful and relieved!
Thank goodness for Dr. Massry! – A truly caring healer!”

-Jeff Goldblum, Actor

(Stated after seeing Dr. Massry in the office for non-cosmetic reasons.)


“I have had two surgeries performed by Dr. Massry. The first was 10 years ago when he did a brow lift and upper eyelid lift. The second was last month when I had the upper lids lifted with fat grafting under my brows and in my cheeks.

My experience both times have been excellent. The office runs very smoothly with a wonderful staff who has never kept me waiting for an appointment – very rare in the medical world!

Dr. Massry made me feel very comfortable from start to finish and explained every procedure thoroughly. The staff at the surgical center was terrific as well and created an atmosphere of safety and trust. Of course Dr. Massry’s expertise is what drew me to his practice not once, but twice. I had complete confidence in his abilities and I knew that he would never settle for anything but perfect results. After one month post surgery I am happy with what I see in the mirror and know that the results will be even better in a few months time. I would and will highly recommend Dr. Massry to anyone in need of an ocular plastic surgeon.

Denise S.

“My face is completely symmetrical and I look 15 years younger. [Dr. Massry] truly worked magic for me.”

Kathryn C.

Dr. Massry is an incredible doctor. We walked in and the girls at the front desk greeted my Mom and I with a smile. The doctor called us in right away and began the process for surgery. He’s passionate about his job and makes sure to treat his patients with extra tender care. Mom had surgery a few months ago and it’s our second follow up and Dr. Massry is never in a rush, if we have a concern he doesn’t hesitate to explain and give a solution for the problem. I love the way he talks to his patient and shows empathy for his patient. I would recommend Dr. Massry to anyone. Great Doctor.”

Alice K.

Dr. Guy Massry is an outstanding surgeon. He listens, observes, and takes his time to answer all of my questions diligently. I’m so happy with the result of my endoscopic brow lift and upper eyelid surgery. His artistic workmanship is extraordinaire. I’m so fortunate to have found him. Thank you, Dr. Massry. You are the best!!!!”

- Another Happy Patient

“Dr. Guy Massry is just an incredibly skilled surgeon.  I would give him 10 stars if I could.  Nine years ago I had an upper eye lid lift and endo brow lift with him that went incredibly well and looks very natural.   Because I had such amazing results with him, I would only go to him for him under eye injections.  He erased the hollows and bags under my eyes with zero bruising.  it looks incredible.   He also lifted my cheeks a little bit.  He took 10 years off my face in a matter of minutes it was pretty crazy.  I can’t wait to go back for a little botox.  I like that he would not do too much at one time.   He really cares about the patient and their best interests.   That is not always the case with other Doctors. I know he really cares and that is a wonderful quality. He is an amazing Doctor. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him.   I stand by him 100 percent.”


Carolyn’s Story

Eyelid Paralysis Surgery with Dr. Guy Massry

“After suffering for five years from a painfully dry and sensitive right eye as a result of Bell’s palsy, I was referred to Dr. Guy Massry.  During my initial consultation, he quickly diagnosed the problem — a weak lower eyelid that prevented better closure of my eye.  Years ago, I had a weight surgically implanted in my upper eyelid, which helped a lot; but Dr. Massry said that the continuing problem was with the weak lower lid.

Two months ago, Dr. Massry performed a surgery, which shortened and tightened my lower lid.  Dr. Massry suggested that, at the same time, he could restore greater symmetry to my face by performing a brow lift and smoothing out a pouch of fat that had accumulated under my affected right eye.

I couldn’t be happier with the results — both medically and cosmetically! The procedure improved my eye closure significantly (by about 60%!). As a result, I can now walk out into bright sunlight without sunglasses and feel no pain, and enjoy greater general comfort in my eye. In addition, my two eyebrows look far more even, and the pouch under my affected eye has disappeared. Yes, there was initial serious bruising around my eye, but that disappeared after about two weeks — and now I look and feel much more comfortable and attractive.

Dr. Massry is not only a highly skilled oculoplastic surgeon but also a kind and compassionate person. In addition, his office staff is caring and very efficient. All in all, this surgery was a home run. Thank you, Dr. Massry.”

– Carolyn

“Several years ago, while on-duty as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, I was shot in the face … I lost my right eye, and underwent extensive facial reconstructive surgery. Through time, the facial structure around my false eye was, in effect, caving in, causing pain, bleeding, and a rather deformed appearance. Doctor Massry performed revision surgery in this area, greatly relieving the pain, and creating a very natural look. A highly-gifted surgeon, his skill and professionalism can only be matched by his patience and kindness. He is truly one of a kind.”

Terry W.


“My entire experience with your office, from my very first consultation to my post-surgery follow-up [was] terrific.”

- Bill K.


“My wife and I left Dr. Massry’s office a couple of hours ago. She went to see him today for a cosmetic treatment. She chose Dr. Massry because of the excellent results she got from previous medically necessary eyelid surgeries. And just like in the past his expertise made her look even better than we had hoped. An added plus is Dr. Massry’s excellent bedside manner. He is very patient and thorough and takes all the time needed to explain what to expect and the financial options available in a very honest and open manner. He always makes her feel so comfortable that it’s like she is part of the family. If you are considering any kind of eyelid procedure (medical or cosmetic) don’t hesitate to choose Dr. Massry.”

David C.


“There are so many amazing things to say about Dr. Massry and his staff. Firstly, and most importantly, Dr. Massry is an incredibly accomplished physician and author.  As an ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he is an expert in his field.  When choosing a physician for cosmetic surgery or reconstruction, why wouldn’t you want to see an expert?  Dr. Massry always makes you feel like you are his most important patient. He listens, engages you  in the consultation and takes the time to lay out the best plan for you.  He has impeccable skills, and is a perfectionist. He truly wants the best for each and every patient. Dr. Massry’s staff is just as fantastic. Anna goes above and beyond to help and support each patient and is one of the most efficient multi-taskers I’ve ever seen!  This is a very special office of incredibly professional, kind and caring people. …I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me!! I would highly recommend Dr. Massry!!”

Lisa C.