Revisional Eyelid Surgery Before & After Gallery

All of the following patients had revisional eyelid surgery to correct problems associated with previous procedures. The most common revision eyelid surgery procedures that Dr. Massry performs are lower lid retraction repair and fat grafting repair.
Below you will see different patients and a description of the surgery they had with Dr. Massry.

Lower Lid Retraction

Patient 1

Dr. Massry performed eyelid revision surgery to repair lower lid retraction (pulled down lower lids). He placed a hard palate graft from the inside of the mouth inside of her lower lid to give it support. The results are a beautiful, natural looking under eye appearance.

Patient 2

This woman was devastated by her lower lid retraction following a transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty. Dr. Massry did a beautiful job repairing her eyes so that she looks like herself again. 

Patient 3

After experiencing a poor outcome from eyelid surgery with another doctor, Dr. Massry performed a complex revision eyelid surgery to correct the appearance of this patient's eyes. In this case, Dr. Massry had to perform a lower lid retraction repair, as well as correcting the canthal web. Learn more about this patient's surgery.

Patient 4

This young woman had transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty which subsequently led to her eyelid retraction. On the right is her result after Dr. Massry's repair. 

Patient 5

This patient was very unhappy with the extra white showing below her iris. This appearance developed as a result of lower lid retraction (pulled down lids) after an unsuccessful blepharoplasty. She is incredibly happy with the results from her revision eyelid surgery with Dr. Massry.

Patient 6

This gentleman had lower lid retraction after blepharoplasty and had multiple surgeries to address it without success. This is his result after finally finding Dr. Massry to repair his eyes. 

Patient 7

This woman had pulled down (retracted) and turned-out ectropic lower lids after cosmetic surgery elsewhere. After lower lid lift, cheek lift, skin graft, and canthoplasty she was much improved. This example shows how patients can often be improved but never made perfect (depending on the degree of the presenting problem).

Patient 8

This woman had lower lid cosmetic surgery elsewhere. She was left with an ectropic (turned-out) lower lid on the left after surgery. Dr. Massry revised the lid in the office under local anesthesia with an excellent result.

Patient 9

This woman was very unhappy with her pulled down (retracted) lower lids from previous surgery by another doctor.
After revisional surgery (midface lift, canthoplasty, lid elevation) she is much improved.

Patient 10 

This patient experienced severe lower lid retraction after lower eyelid cosmetic surgery. You can see her great improvement after a very complicated and extensive surgery with Dr. Massry. 

Patient 11

This patient experience lower lid retraction on her left eye only. In this case, when only one eye is experiencing lower lid retraction, the goal of surgery is to repair it to look as symmetrical as possible to the unaffected side. 

Patient 12

This wonderful woman, unfortunately, ended up with her lower lids being pulled down (retraction) and out (ectropion) after eyelid surgery with another doctor.  She also had ptosis or upper lid height drooping. These pictures show her before and less than one month after complicated lower lid revision and upper ptosis repair (muscle shortening to lift lids). She is much better and very happy with her appearance.

Patient 13

This woman had a poor outcome to her previous lower lid surgery (by another surgeon) with lower lids that pulled down (retracted) and allowed the white to show under the iris (colored part of the eye). This is called “scleral show” and makes the person look “wide-eyed.” After revisional surgery (cheek lift, canthoplasty, lid elevation) she is much happier with her appearance.

Patient 14

This young man had a pulled down left lower lid after trauma (fracture of bones around the eyes). This occurred because of the surgery to fix his fracture and not the fracture itself. After revisional surgery (release of the scar, canthoplasty, and lid elevation) he is much better at only ONE MONTH AFTER SURGERY.

Patient 15

This woman had lower lid surgery elsewhere which led to pulled down (retracted) lower lids. She felt this looked strange. After revisional surgery to correct the problem (canthoplasty, cheek lift and lid elevation) she was much happier with her appearance. 

Fat Grafting Repair

Patient 1

This patient had fat grafting under the eyes with another surgeon and was very unhappy with the results. She came to Dr. Massry for a revision surgery so he could remove the fat grafting from under her eyes. In addition, he performed an outer brow lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty to rejuvenate her overall appearance. 

Patient 2

This patient underwent lower eyelid fat grafting several years ago with another surgeon. As you can see, she was left with lumps and bumps from the fat transfer and became very self-conscious of her appearance. Dr. Massry performed a novel procedure to remove the lumps and bumps through an incision inside the lower eyelid without making any skin incisions. Learn more about this patient's surgery in Dr. Massry's blog.

Patient 3 

As seen on an episode of E!'s hit show "Botched," this patient came to Dr. Massry with severe contour irregularities to her lower lids following a fat grafting procedure in another country. This is a very difficult issue to fix. Dr. Massry performed a fat grafting repair, as well as administered filler under the eyes to return the patient to her "normal" appearance. This procedure was truly life changing for her. 

Patient 4 

This patient came to Dr. Massry with lumps, bumps and contour issues from fat grafting under the eyes with another surgeon. To correct these issues, Dr. Massry pioneered a procedure called Eyelid Contour Correction Graft (ECCG). First, he safely removes the bad fat from the inside of the eyelid. However, when this fat is removed hollows can develop. To fill these hollows, Dr. Massry uses dermal onlay grafts or the ECCG. The result is a smooth under eye area. 

Revision Eyelid Surgery

Patient 1 - Canthoplasty With Horizontal Eyelid Lengthening

This young woman had previous lower lid blepharoplasty, which “shortened her eye opening” and her eyes looked smaller. Dr. Massry performed a canthoplasty (canthal reconstruction) with horizontal eyelid lengthening or the “CHEL” procedure.  Briefly, Dr. Massry opens the shortened eyelid opening and performs a complicated procedure called “conjunctival flaps” to line the new and lengthened eyelid opening to make the eye look more normal (like it used to be). Learn more about CHEL. 

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