Post-blepharoplasty lower eyelid retraction is a dreaded complication which can occur after lower blepharoplasty.  It almost always occurs after a transcutaneous approach to surgery (also called an open approach) which is when all surgery is done through a skin incision just under the lashes.  This is because this approach typically violates many tissue planes in the lower lid which can lead to eyelid scars and the lids retracting or pulling down.
This is a tough problem to fix which requires an eyelid specialist with many years of experience with revision lower lid surgery. Dr. Guy Massry is an oculoplastic specialist in Beverly Hills, California who has performed many lower lid retraction repairs.  His approach is different for each patient based on physical finding present.  A detailed exam is the critical step needed to create the surgical plan to attain the best outcome.
Below is an example of a post-blepharoplasty lower lid retraction repair.  This gentleman is a physician who had retraction develop after previous blepharoplasty.  He has the typical findings (top image) of  pulled down lower lids (lower lid retraction), scleral show (white showing between the lower lid and the iris), and rounded eyes with loss of their almond shape.  On the bottom image you can see the dramatic improvement in all these deficits.
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