The need for a prosthetic eye can be a very emotional journey. Whether you were born without an eye (congenital anophthalmia) or you lost an eye due to trauma, injury or disease, the process of finding an anophthalmia specialist and getting fitted for a natural looking prosthetic eye can be complicated and overwhelming. Knowing how challenging this process can be, Dr. Guy Massry and his team are here to support you every step of the way.

Anophthalmia Specialist

Dr. Massry has dedicated much of his career to becoming a specialist in eyelid fillers. He has lectured nationally and internationally and published various articles and textbook chapters on the subject. While most physicians only do filler injections for cosmetic reasons, Dr. Massry has developed a unique specialty in using filler injections for reconstructive and functional reasons. More specifically, Dr. Massry is an expert in using filler for patients with anophthalmia and a prosthetic eye. While the natural-looking appearance of a prosthetic eye has come a long way in recent years, there is often still a lack of symmetry from the normal eye to the prosthetic eye.

To help prosthetic eye patients achieve more eyelid symmetry, Dr. Massy has developed a revolutionary technique with fillers to address this problem. By strategically placing fillers in the eyelid, he is able to instantly create more symmetry.

Before & After Filler With Prosthetic Eye

This young man below has a prosthetic eye (false eye) on the left. He came to Dr. Massry because the prosthetic eye is high and the lids are unequal. After filler injections with Dr. Massry he looks more symmetrical, and the treatment only took 10 minutes! Dr. Massry recommends some minor surgery as the next step adjust the rest.

Filler Treatment - Anophthalmia - Massry.002

View more patients before & after anophthalmia treatments with Dr. Massry.

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Eyelid fillers with a prosthetic eye require specific training and expertise. As just one of a few experts in this field, Dr. Massry would be happy to see anyone with a prosthetic eye who wants to learn more about eyelid fillers or surgery to create a more symmetrical appearance. Call us today to schedule your consultation – 310.657.4302.

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