Prosthetic Eye

This young man lost his left eye to trauma in an assault. He has a prosthetic eye on the left. As you can see his left brow is down,as are his left upper and lower lids, and under the right eye is puffy, while under the left eye is hollow. Also the left iris (colored part of the eye) points down. In general the eyes look very unequal and you can tell something is wrong. After surgery, the brows are more equal, as is the opening of the eyes. The puffiness is gone from under the right eye (the fat was transferred to under the left eye), and the two lower lids look equal. Dr. Carole Stople is the ocularist who made the beautiful prosthetic eye. As a team we were able to make this young man much happier and more confident.

This young woman was involved in a car accident and lost her left eye. She also sustained severe damage to the eyelids. As you can see the eye opening from top to bottom, and side to side is small. There is also a depression (scar) to the upper lid in the inner corner. Unfortunately she lost significant eyelid skin and fat in the injury and the eyelid did not move (open or close). I performed eyelid and socket surgery and had a prosthetic eye fitted. While not perfect she has a much improved appearance after surgery. She will still need filling of the upper lid in then future.

This young man had a firecracker blow up while in contact with his right eye. He lost the eye and sustained severe damage to the eyelids. Before seeing me he had numerous previous attempts at repair. They all failed. I reconstructed the eyelids, socket, and had him fitted with a prosthesis. While I could not make his lashes re-grow, he was able to attain a very good postoperative result

This woman was involved in a car accident with severe damage to the right eye. She also sustained damage to the eyelids. As you can see the injury led to disfigurement. She was a very active and happy person who was devastated by what happened to her. She underwent two surgeries. The first (see top in photo below) was reconstructive with fitting of a prosthesis. The next was cosmetic to improve the lids. While her final appearance (bottom right) is not perfect, it is certainly much improved. She is once again active and has regained her self-esteem which was reduced from what she went through.


The police officer sustained a gunshot wound to the right eye in the line of duty. He lost the eye and damaged the surrounding tissue including the eyelids. When he presented to me the two eyes (right one is prosthetic) were very different. After surgery to the lids He looked much more symmetric. With protective glasses on (to protect good eye), the eyes look almost equal (bottom right)

This man lost his right eye years ago and was fitted with a prosthesis. As you can see he has a distorted appearance with the right eye too large and "wide-eyed." One month after surgery (photo left) he is much improved. This is an example of how changing only eyelid position and shape can significantly improve function and aesthetics.

This young man has a prosthetic eye on the left. He came to Dr. Massry because the prosthetic eye is high and the lids are unequal. After filler injections with Dr. Massry he looks more symmetrical, and the treatment only took 10 minutes! Dr. Massry recommends some minor surgery as the next step adjust the rest.

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