Cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty surgery) is a specialized form of facial plastic surgery which addressed excess skin and fat from the upper lids, and eyelid bags and dark circles from the lower lids.  There are cosmetic specialists who only do this surgery – rather than all cosmetic surgery.  These specialists are called oculoplastic surgeons.  They surgeons certified in both ophthalmology (eye doctors) and eye plastic surgery.  There is no other specialty with the knowledge, experience and expertise to perform your eyelid surgery.  Please be careful when selecting your doctor for blepharoplasty surgery.  Do not go to a generalist – always protect yourself with the selection of a specialist.

Dr. Guy Massry is a well respected oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California.  Heperforms hundreds of blepharoplasty surgeries yearly.  He is also well published in the oculoplastic literature and has written two textbooks in the field.  His latest book is the state of the art text in Blepharoplasty surgery – see the following link to view the text.  Dr. Massry has specific expertise in redoing poor outcome surgery (revisional blepharoplasty).  He sees many such patients who have very complex issues to correct.  The best way to avoid problems with surgery is to see a specialist such as Dr. Massry.

Below are a few examples of results to Dr. Massry’s surgeries (before blepharoplasty – left/after blepharoplasty – right).  Many more can be seen on his website at  We welcome you to view the site and ask any questions which may come to you.

Dr. Massry welcomes anyone from Beverly Hills or anywhere in the country who has concerns with heavy, prominent, baggy or tired looking eyelids to call his office for a consultation. You will only get a very honest response to your concerns regarding blepharoplasty surgery.  Dr. Massry looks forward to seeing you soon for blepharoplasty evaluation