I am an ophthalmic plastic & reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills. As a board certified oculoplastic surgeon, I specialize in surgical and non-surgical procedures around the eyes, forehead, eyebrows and mid-face. To become an oculoplastic surgeon, I first studied the eyes (ophthalmology), and then trained specifically on plastic surgery of the eyes. In my practice today, my primary interest is in cosmetic surgery of the eyes. When choosing to have eyelid surgery, it is important you find a surgeon with extensive expertise in eyelid surgery, such as an oculoplastic surgeon, because with the eyes you cannot afford a mistake due to the importance of the functions of the eyes and the aesthetics of the eyes.

In addition to seeing patients, I train physicians, lecture nationally and internationally, and write textbooks and peer-reviewed articles on the topics. I truly enjoy being able to share my experiences with other surgeons and am blessed to help so many patients.

The 4 major aspects of my practice include:
1. Seeing and treating patients
2. Teaching and training other physicians
3. Lecturing
4. Writing textbooks and peer-reviewed scientific papers

The most difficult yet rewarding part of my practice is revisional eyelid surgery. For patients who previously had surgery and the results were not what they wanted, for either functional or aesthetic reasons, the goal is to help them achieve the best possible results with a revision surgery. In these cases, my most important job is to present a realistic expectation for results to the patient. We can only proceed if the patient can accept these expectations. Performing revisional eyelid surgery is incredibly complicated because the tissues are so thin with so many layers, thus it is imperative patients go to a specialist in revision eyelid surgery to avoid complications and received the best care possible.

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