Eenowned Beverly Hills oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Guy Massry, discusses the benefits of using fillers for the eyelids. First, it is important to understand It is very difficult to lift the lower lids higher because gravity is acting against you. Fillers, specifically gel fillers such as Restylane, Belotero and Perlane, can be used to address these eyelid issues. Dr. Massry primarily uses Restylane because its biochemical makeup is best for treating issues around the eyes.

As a Beverly Hills eyelid filler expert, Dr. Massry can do things with fillers and lower eyelids that are pulled down that cannot be achieved with surgery. It’s not a permanent fix, but often times after 2 or 3 rounds of filler injections, the tissue has been stretched enough that surgery is easier to perform.

To help patients understand how fillers work, Dr. Massry wants you to think about a dry sponge vs a wet sponge. When a sponge becomes wet, it expands in 3 dimensions, which fills hollows, effaces or gets rid of depressions, and it will lift because of the 3 dimensional expansion. This is exactly what fillers will do to the face. Because fillers lift and fill the eyelids we can address so many problems that surgery can’t fix.

But there are some things to be cautious with when seeking out fillers. There are so many types of fillers on the market, with new types of fillers being regularly introduced, that a lot of practitioners are always using the newest filler on the market and not necessarily the best filler for the issue at hand. Yes all fillers are designed to correct lines and folds, but each filler has a biochemical make-up that is specific to treating a certain type of issue. It is crucial to go to a physician who is well-educated and keeping up with the evolution of fillers to make sure you are being treated properly and get the best results possible.

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