Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is a very common procedure to remove upper eyelid bags and improve the appearance of the eyes. Traditional blepharoplasty involves the excision of varying amounts of skin, muscle, and fat. This has been referred to as subtractive surgery. The main aesthetic problem with this approach to blepharoplasty is the potential to hollow the upper lids which leaves a gaunt and potentially unattractive appearance. Contemporary blepharoplasty has focused on fat redistribution and preservation (see surgical video by Dr. Massry which includes these procedures to avoid upper eyelid hollows after surgery).

When the unfortunate circumstance of eyelid hollows occurs following blepharoplasty, a specialist uniquely qualified to correct the problem, like Dr. Massry, is needed. Guy G. Massry, MD is a board certified ophthalmic plastic surgeon who practices in Beverly Hills, California. He is one of the leading experts in his field and one of the most qualified specialists to correct eyelid hollowing.

One method Dr. Massry employs to address this problem is the use of eyelid fillers (Restylane, Belotero, etc.). Dr. Massry uses a blunt cannula to deliver the filler to the hollow areas. This reduces the incidence of bruising and potential other complications related to the treatment. These two videos demonstrate Dr. Massry’s technique for upper and lower eyelid filling:

Filler for Upper Eyelid & Brow

Filler Under the Eyes

Below are a few examples of upper lid filling of hollows after blepharoplasty.


Before and after filler for upper eyelid hollows after blepharoplasty

Left: Patient after blepharoplasty that left upper eyelids hollow

Right: Patient after upper eyelid fillers with Dr Massry





Filler for upper eyelid hollows after blepharoplasty

Left: Patient prior to filler injections with Dr Massry to address upper eyelid hollows

Right: Patient with Dr Massry immediately after filler injections to the upper eyelids




If you have eyelid hollows after blepharoplasty and are interested in a minimally invasive correction with fillers please contact Dr. Massry at (310) 657-4302 or email us at info@drmassry.com.