One of the hallmarks of previous blepharoplasty gone bad is a shortened eyelid opening.  Patients complain that their “eyes look smaller.”  Dr. Guy Massry, Oculoplastic expert in Beverly Hills, California has devised a solution for this very complex problem.  He calls this canthoplasty (canthal reconstruction) with horizontal eyelid lengthening or the “CHEL” procedure.  Briefly, Dr. Massry opens the shortened eyelid opening and performs a complicated procedure called “conjunctival flaps” to line the new and lengthened eyelid opening to make the eye look more normal (like it used to be).  The tradeoff is that the part of the lids that are opened will not have lashes (as they were lost from previous surgery).   However, the opening will be returned.  This is a big deal and patients have been so happy with this new and novel technique.  Dr. Massry has spent years perfecting this procedure and has patients fly in from all over the country and the world with this problem.  Below is one patient example:

This young woman had previous lower lid blepharoplasty, which “shortened her eye opening” (see figure below).  After Dr. Massry’s CHEL procedure there is a much more normal appearance.  There has yet to be a consistent way to correct this.  Dr. Massry is very happy and proud of this technique, which has now helped many patients return to a more normal appearance and confident outlook on life.


Revisional Eyelid Surgery Beverly Hills


Below is same woman from the frontal view.  As you can see the eyes are more natural in appearance and the sad look has been reduced.



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