Canthoplasty surgery is an important part of lower eyelid blepharoplasty surgery.  It functions to maintain the shape of and reinforce the lower eyelid, while preserving the angle formed where the upper and lower lids met laterally (the canthus or canthal angle).  This is intricate surgery which requires specific expertise to get right.  Ophthalmic Plastic surgeons perform canthoplasty surgery routinely and are the best surgeons to go to for canthoplasty surgery.

Revisional canthoplasty surgery (redo surgery) is significantly more complicated than standard primary (first time) canthoplasty surgery.  Each revisional canthoplasty is different and there is no surgical blueprint of what to do.  I perform revisional canthoplasty commonly and believe that specific technique needs to be followed to prevent poor outcome.  Even with excellent technique revisional canthoplasty can be unpredictable.  This is because a canthus which has been previously disrupted from surgery has variable degrees of scarring present, reduced blood supply, and distorted anatomy. A successful outcome is dependent on surgical precision, anatomic knowledge and attention to detail.