Blepharoplasty is upper or lower eyelid surgery to improve appearance and at times vision (upper lid blepharoplasty).  Blepharoplasty surgery is performed by many specialists including general plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons and oculoplastics surgeons.  As eyelid surgery is a very specialized form of cosmetic surgery it is important to make sure your surgeon has specific expertise in aesthetic eyelid surgery.

When surgery does not turn out as planned, or complications occur, a re-operation is often needed.  The reoperation is referred to as a revisional procedure – or in this case revisional blepharoplasty.

Revisional blepharoplasty takes surgery to an even greater degree of difficulty and requires even more experience and expertise with the various eyelid procedures needed to correct the problem (ie. revisional blepharoplasty (EYELID SURGERY), revisional canthoplasty (LOWER LID TIGHTENING/ELEVATION SURGERY) and revisional ptosis repair (UPPER LID ELEVATION SURGERY), etc.).

Few doctors perform revisional blepharoplasty on a routine basis.  It is difficult and challenging surgery and the learning curve is steep.  In addition the results to revisional blepharoplasty surgeries are less predictable than to similar first time surgeries.

This does not mean that excellent results cannot be achieved.  To the contrary they can.  What is important is to place yourselves in the hands of a revisional blepharoplasty specialist who can give you an honest opinion regarding potential outcome and who can perform the procedure in the best and safest way.

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