Blepharoplasty is upper or lower eyelid surgery to improve appearance and at times vision (upper lid blepharoplasty).  Blepharoplasty surgery is performed by many specialists including general plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons and oculoplastics surgeons.  As eyelid surgery is a very specialized form of cosmetic surgery it is important to make sure your surgeon has specific expertise in aesthetic eyelid surgery.

When surgery does not turn out as planned, or complications occur, a re-operation is often needed.  The re-operation is referred to as a revision procedure – or in this case revision blepharoplasty surgery.

Few surgeons take on revision blepharoplasty surgery as it is significantly more complex than first time surgery.  In revision blepharoplasty surgery, scarring, reduced blood supply and distorted anatomy make the procedure more difficult and unpredictable.

What is important is to make sure that if you are in need of revision blepharoplasty surgery you only see an expert in the field.  Only specialized eyelid surgeons should perform revision blepharoplasty surgery.  Dr. Guy Massry (Beverly Hills Ophthalmic plastic Surgery) is one such expert who routinely performs revision blepharoplasty surgery.  Please open this link to view results to revision eyelid surgery (including revision blepharoplasty surgery)