A revision surgery is a procedure whereby a previous surgery is redone.  This blog will deal with two revision surgery procedures: 1. Revision blepharoplasty surgery and 2. Revision canthoplasty surgery.  In particular I will focus on revision surgery in Newport Beach, Irvine and San Diego, California. The reason for this is because I see many patients from these areas for both revision blepahroplasty and revision canthoplasty surgery.

A blepahroplasty is commonly referred to as an “eyelid lift,” and a canthoplasty surgery as a” lower eyelid tightening.”  These are common surgeries performed today.  It is critical to have an eyelid specialist – oculoplastic or ophthalmic plastic surgeon – perform these procedures so that they are done right.

There is much more information on revision blepharoplasty surgery and revision canthoplasty surgery available on Dr. Massry’s web site.