The surgical correction of eyelid bags and dark circles under the eyes is called blepharoplasty. Lower blepharoplasty can be done in many ways but selecting and eyelid specialist to do this surgery makes the most sense. Dr. Guy Massry, Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon, is a cosmetic eyelid surgeon who is well published, lectures all over the world, teaches eyelid surgery and trains other doctors on how to perform natural looking blepharoplasty.

Selecting an eyelid specialist is especially important when it comes to male blepharoplasty. This is critical so surgery is performed definitely as not to feminize a man. Understanding the uniqueness of male cosmetic eyelid surgery is the single most important factor in leading to appropriate surgical outcomes. When you begin consult with surgeons for a blepharoplasty, make sure you ask them about their experience with male patients and ask to see several before and after pictures of men.

Below is a typical example of a male lower blepharoplasty surgery performed by Dr. Guy Massry. Dr. Massry is available for consultation for blepharoplasty surgery through his office (310) 657-4302 or his website Dr. Massry would be happy to assist in your cosmetic eyelid surgery needs.