As he is always striving to advance the field of oculoplastic surgery, Dr. Guy Massry in Beverly Hills has pioneered a surgery technique called the minimally invasive, orbicularis-sparing (MIOS) lower eyelid recession. Knowing that there was a lack of a minimally invasive surgical technique to address lower eyelid retraction (the lower lid is pulled down) in the presence of eyelid weakness (orbicularis deficit – eyelid paralysis), both in cosmetic and reconstructive cases, Dr. Massry and his colleagues set out to perfect a surgical technique to fill this absence.

The MIOS procedure involves a closed canthal suspension (lid tightening without cutting already weak muscle) with true transconjunctival lower eyelid retractor recession (lift lower lid from inside the eyelid – no skin cuts) to provide a means of lower eyelid elevation without lower eyelid muscle trauma. This procedure can be used safely and effectively in several types of cases including facial nerve injury (facial paralysis), trauma, surgical complication, etc.

MIOS for Eyelid Paralysis

The patient below suffered from eyelid paralysis and underwent MIOS surgery with Dr. Massry to help create eyelid symmetry and be able to close her eye. In the case of eyelid paralysis, MIOS offers patients a minimally invasive surgical option without the need for an eyelid weight implant.

In this patient’s pictures, you can see that prior to surgery (LEFT SET of pictures) her right eye does not close completely and is, therefore, red, dry and irritated. You can also see that her lower right eyelid is much lower than her left lower eyelid. Utilizing the MIOS procedure, Dr. Massry was able to help this patient more appropriately close her right eye, as well as create more symmetry between the two eyelids WITHOUT AN EYELID WEIGHT.

MIOS - Dr Guy Massry

Why Choose Dr. Massry For Your Eyelid Paralysis Surgery?

Dr. Massry is an international leading expert in orbital and eyelid surgery. As mentioned above, he is constantly advancing and improving the surgical techniques used by oculoplastic and facial plastic surgeons. In the case of eyelid paralysis, he has unparalleled experience in helping patients with eyelid closure and symmetry correction. Additionally, Dr. Massry pioneered and conducted the study on the success and safety of the MIOS procedure. Read Dr. Massry’s study entitled – “The Minimally Invasive, Orbicularis-Sparing, Lower Eyelid Recession for Mild to Moderate Lower Eyelid Retraction With Reduced Orbicularis Strength.”

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