Male blepharoplasty or blepharoplasty in men is very different than similar surgery in women.  The goal in male blepharoplasty is to avoid over-excision of skin/muscle and fat as to not feminize the patient.  This requires experience and an artistic hand.  Surgeons who perform male blepharoplasty should approach surgery with this very important concept in mind.  Many consider blepharoplasty in men a specialized form of eyelid surgery.  I agree to an extent.  While the surgery (male blepharoplasty) is the same as blepharoplasty in women, it is the approach which is different.

Like in women, preservation or augmentation of eyelid fat (fat repositioning or fat grafting) is an important part of blepharoplasty in men.  If more than a small amount of fat is excised a hollow appearance can develop.  This is both unsightly and tends to lead to an aged appearance.  Fat repositioning in lower blepharoplasty is a procedure whereby local eyelid fat is moved from areas of excess to where it is deficient ,  while fat grafting in lower blepharoplasty is where fat is taken from distant sites and transferred to the area around the eyelids where it is needed

It is very important to keep in mind that men are having cosmetic surgery much more than in previous times.  To assure appropriate surgical outcomes to these procedures surgeons need to be familiar with the nuances of male blepharoplasty which allow the best surgical results.  This requires a detailed knowledge of eyelid anatomy, function and surgical techniques and significant experience with male blepharoplasty patients.

Below is an example of lower blepharoplasty in a man.  Note the significant natural and youthful appearance after surgery (left before and right after surgery).