Lower eyelid retraction is a devastating complication of bad blepharoplasty results in which the lower eyelid is pulled down. Lower lid retraction has primarily been reported in patients who underwent a transcutaneous approach to lower eyelid surgery – when the surgery is done through lower lid skin. Alternatively, it is rarely seen in the transconjunctival approach surgery – when surgery is done from inside the lid.

Dr. Guy Massry of Beverly Hills sees and manages patients with lower lid retraction often.  It has become a big part of his practice over the years; therefore he has studied it in depth and published on its surgical and non-surgical correction. Due to its complexity, lower lid retraction is a problem only very experienced surgeons with this specific issue should undertake. Please do not take surgical correction lightly. The best chance at a good result is a good exam and surgery tailored to the specific deficits which have led to the problem.

Lower Eyelid Retraction - How To Fix Bad Blepharoplasty Results

This woman came from a distance to have her lower lid retraction corrected after bad blepharoplasty results. She recently sent Dr. Massry before and after pictures that she took herself at home.  As she traveled from far – as many of Dr. Massry’s patients with this problem do – he often gets the photographic results of outcome from the patients themselves.   There is never a perfect outcome when this occurs, as often too much damage was done.  However, much can be improved as you see here.

This patient has some advice to share with others who may be in the same situation, “To any woman who is scared and wonders if she can ever be herself again… there is hope in the magic hands of Dr. Massry!!! I lived so heartbrokenly over the last 5 years looking like a freak. There are no words to thank Dr. Massry enough for making me look like myself again!”

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If you have experience lower lid retraction or bad blepharoplasty results, Dr. Massry would be honored to see you and help.  This surgery allows one to get past this traumatic event and move on with their life.  That is what stimulates Dr. Massry’s great interest in this problem. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.