Lower eyelid paralysis (weakness) can occur from a variety of causes – most commonly in association with facial paralysis such as Bell’s palsy.       One of the major problems which occur in eyelid paralysis patients is a lower lid droop also referred to as paralytic lower lid retraction.  In addition to a droop, the lower lid can also turn out, which is medically referred to as a paralytic lower lid ectropion.  Traditional surgery to correct paralytic lower lid retraction or ectropion has involved a variety of aggressive surgical procedures which often cut through the weakened lower lid muscle (orbicularis oculi muscle).  This unfortunately can reduce muscle function more and lead to worsened lower lid function – NOT A DESIRED OUTCOME.

To address this issue Dr. Guy Massry, Beverly Hills eyelid specialist, has developed a new surgical technique which repositions, elevates and corrects the lower lid position in this patient population.  The important point is the procedure does so without weakening the lid further (it protects the orbicularis muscle) and through only a small incision hidden in the outer upper lid crease (invisible procedure).  This novel procedure is called the MIOS, or  minimally invasive orbicularis sparing lid recession surgery, and it has been presented at national meetings, covered by the press and has been submitted for peer review publication.  Dr. Massry anticipates its publication soon.

If you are interested is discussing the MIOS procedure with Dr. Massry, he can be contacted through his web site, or at his office in Beverly Hills (310) 657-4302.