Losing an eye is a very physically and emotionally traumatic event.  This can occur because of trauma or a variety of diseases of the eye.  When an eye is lost it is called anophthalmia.  The surgery to correct this condition is a grab-bag term called anophthalmia surgery.  Anophthalmia surgery can include blepharoplasty surgery (remove skin/fat/muscle from the lids), ptosis surgery (lift the upper lid), canthoplasty surgery (tighten/support the lower lid), socket surgery (surgery in the eye socket), orbital implant surgery (placing implants in the socket), and a variety of surgeries that use tissue grafts from the body transferred to the lids and socket.

Traditionally anophthalmia surgery has been based on function (making sure things work right).  In the more recent past I have concentrated on what I call aesthetic anopthalmia surgery.  By this I don’t mean cosmetic surgery in the classical sense.  I mean surgery with an aesthetic eye that not only improves function, but also restores appearance.  This is an extremely important shift as how a false eye (prosthesis) looks is as important as how it works.

Please open this link to view results of anophthalmia surgery performed by me http://www.drmassry.com/#/4

In the near future I will write a series of posts on this subject to bring attention to what is available.  Anyone who is anophthalmic and is unhappy with their prosthetic appearance is welcome to contact me to discuss this further.

I would be happy to see you to discuss anophthalmia surgery with you further