Kimberly Bosso - Makeup artistWe are excited to share a great blog on makeup tips for women over 50  from celebrity makeup artist Kimberly Bosso!

As we age, our makeup look has to evolve with us. Our faces change in both subtle and drastic ways depending on lifestyle and genetics, and makeup should be designed around this, along with undertone, face, and eye shape.

CEO of Bosso Makeup Beverly Hills, Kimberley Bosso’s philosophy for mature skin is Less is More! Working with a roster of celebrities throughout the years Kimberley says there’s nothing worse than to see an aging woman still sticking with her makeup routine and color choices from when she was 20.

Ladies over 50 look best with neutral shades and earthy tones for the eye area. ie; eyeshadow, eyeliner pencil, and for the cheek and lips, some color is necessary to give notorious dull complexions due to lack of hydration and collagen some youthful “pop”.


But keep in mind, no matter how lovely your makeup application is, if you don’t have the skin down, it’s still going to look a mess. Make sure you first pamper skin with a hydrating moisturizer. A popular choice is the 24-hour miracle cream Embryolisse which can be found at This luxurious moisturizer is fantastic for all skin types and is a secret staple in all pro makeup artists kits. It plumps and hydrates the thin skin around the eyes which tends to be the place where aging first appears. It also has a built-in primer and can even remove makeup! A 3 in 1! How can you not love that?

Makeup over 50 - Kimberly Bosso

Foundation & Concealer

The foundation choice that Kimberly suggests is a cream or dewey liquid-based foundation. For extra hydration and luminosity, try adding 1 -2 drops of Argan oil into your foundation and the result will give the celebs walking the red carpet a run for their money! Try also using a cream oil based concealer so it absorbs into the skin easily instead of creating a caked on under eye look that all women who first sit in Kimberly’s chair complain about. Kimberly says to stay away from drying water-based concealers that will only sit in fine lines and age you more. The key to keeping on creamy based concealer to conceal darkness is to powder under the eye really well with a cashmere-like HD powder which is thin and won’t dry this area out. Stay away from thick talc powders that will only create lots of texture with an aged appearance.


Tips for makeup over 50 - Kimberly Bosso

Cream cheek color is natural and beautiful. A little goes a long way and will give an effect of a healthy glow from within the skin. A soft peach or pink are good choices.

Lashes & Brows

Lashes and brows are undoubtedly the most important part. The reason? Think of when we were 15… We had more lashes and eyebrow hair so you want to mimic this in a mature face. These are two top ways to make a woman look “together” most naturally. A nice pair of strip lashes will amaze and delight the most discriminating woman. Try a pair that are human hair and small like “747 small” from Bosso’s lash series. Brows become sparse and leave empty patches with age, so filling in with a good brow pencil and brow powder is a must! Kimberley has 4 shades in her brow line and the medium brunette is dual so it’s great for ladies with gray hair!


The lips are where you can be a little bolder and take some risks. Think of a gorgeous orange or red, or depending on the occasion, even a hot pink is nice if the rest of the face is done accordingly.


And lastly, don’t forget to add a super thin black liner to the top eye line and a gold gel liner to the water line to give the eyes a youthful and natural awake look.

Where to find Bosso Makeup?

All product suggestions listed here can be found at

Kimberley Bosso also has a makeup school in Beverly Hills and a 2nd location in Tampa Bay Florida and gives private and group lessons on makeup application for women of all ages. She also certifies aspiring artists in her intensive makeup course(s) that women travel from around the world to train under her expertise.