Eyelid Paresis (weakness) and paralysis (no function) is a troublesome complication of Bell’s palsy or other forms of facial paralysis.  When eyelid paresis or paralysis occurs it is critical to help rehabilitate eyelid closure.  This is typically done with implants that weigh the lid down so it closes better.  These implants are made of Gold and Platinum as these are inert materials which typically do not induce eyelid inflammation.  Today these implants can be placed in a cosmetically acceptable way.

Correcting eyelid paresis or paralysis requires an eyelid surgery expert.

Dr. Massry employs new and novel techniques to reduce eyelid trauma during surgery and preserve eyelid function.  It is critical to see an eyelid specialist for these procedures.  Why?

  1. An eyelid specialist has more experience with surgery for eyelid paresis or paralysis.
  2. An eyelid specialist is up to date with all new techniques to address eyelid paresis and paralysis
  3. An eyelid specialist is specifically trained in surgery to correct eyelid paresis and paralysis
  4. An eyelid specialist only performs eyelid surgery.