As eyelid filling has become commonplace, so too have eyelid filling complications.  The problems and complications seen range from less severe issues such as increased bruising and swelling, to more concerning problems such as lumps, bumps, persistent swelling, skin color changes, inflammation, and infection.  The best way to avoid these complications is to have an eyelid filler expert do your filler treatment.  This means someone who knows the various filler products – not just their names but more importantly their biochemical composition (their so-called recipe) and their clinical behavior (what they do when injected into living tissue).  While this seems very obvious, it unfortunately is a major problem.  The filler product market is always changing and it takes effort and dedication to keep up with it.  It is critical to keep up with the literature and research in this area, or problems will develop.

Expert filling also requires a detailed knowledge of eyelid anatomy and aging changes, and equally detailed experience with injecting these products into these very delicate areas.  These three points: (1) knowing filler products, (2) being an eyelid expert, and (3) knowing how to inject the eyelids are the KEY to successful eyelid filling and avoiding complications.

Choose Dr. Massry For Your Eyelid Filler Treatment

Dr. Guy Massry is a board certified oculoplastic surgeon with years of experience in eyelid fillers.  He teaches principals in this area nationally and internationally, and is sent the most complicated filler problems for correction by his colleagues.  Eyelid filling is one of Dr. Massry’s prime practice interests and he has developed techniques to inject fillers which have yielded the best of results.

Eyelid filler - Dr Guy Massry

Below you can watch Dr. Massry’s unique filling techniques for both the upper and lower eyelids.

Hyaluronic Acid Gel Filling of the Brow and Upper Eyelid Video 

Hyaluronic Acid Gel Filling of the Lower Eyelid and Associated Hollows

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