After upper blepharoplasty or other forms of eyelid surgery the upper lid can become hollow.  For years it was felt that the answer to “attractive eyes” was to cut out all skin, muscle and fat so that there was no excess tissue causing fullness which was “thought to be an aged appearance.”  Blepharoplasty surgeons have since learned that this form of surgery can lead to a hollow, gaunt and skeletonized appearance .

When hollow upper lids develop after cosmetic eyelid surgery one answer is to fill the hollow with fat.  This can be done with fat injections – called eyelid fat transfer   or with solid fat grafts – called Dermis fat grafts.  Dr. Guy Massry , Beverly Hills Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon, has modified traditional approaches to this surgery (eyelid dermis fat grafts) to attain excellent results.  In Dr. Massry’s variation of surgery, he harvests fat from the lower belly, fixes it to the bone above the upper lid (superior orbital rim) and lets the fat swing (like a hinge) into the upper lid hollow (also called a superior sulcus hollow).  This swinging of the fat allows it to move with the eyelid for smoother transitions and contours.

Below is an example of filling the upper lid hollow with a dermis fat graft with Dr. Massry’s technique.  The patient’s eyes are blocked out to prevent identification.  Left is before surgery (look at left upper lid), right is after surgery (improved hollow left upper lid)


Hollow Upper Eyelid


If you or someone you know is interested in correction of hollow upper lids after cosmetic blepharoplasty surgery Dr. Massry would be happy to see you in his Beverly Hills office. Dr. Massry can be contacted at