Fat grafting of the lower lids can lead to complications that are very difficult to treat. This wonderful woman had fat placed in her lower lids (grafted) years ago with another surgeon and had poor results (lids very puffy with bags) that were devastating to her. In her before & after pictures you can see the beautiful transformation. The before picture (left) Dr. Massry took – the after picture (right) she sent to Dr. Massry today because she lives out of town.

Revision fat grafting surgery - Dr Guy Massry

In addition to removing the fat graft to the lower lids, I also performed an outer brow lift and upper blepharoplasty.

When she sent Dr. Massry her after picture, she also sent a beautiful email about how happy she is with her results. Here it is:

Dear “Miracle Worker” Dr. Massry!

I just wanted to check back in and say that all is well and that literally every day I wake up excited to get out of bed — whereas before I dreaded going out in public at all. This is no exaggeration.

I owe this all to you and your unparalleled skills.