Eyelid Paralysis (inability to close the eyes) can occur from Bell’s palsy or numerous other disease processes that cause the facial nerve not to function.  In all cases the result is facial and eyelid paresis (weakness) or paralysis (no function).  When eyelid paresis or paralysis occurs the eyelids don’t close, the eye is exposed with resultant pain, redness, tearing, reduced vision and constant irritation.  This is a very troublesome situation for the patient.

Correcting eyelid paresis or paralysis requires an eyelid surgery expert.

Dr. Massry employs new and novel techniques to reduce eyelid trauma during surgery and preserve eyelid function.  It is critical to see an eyelid specialist for these procedures.  Why?

  1. An eyelid specialist has more experience with surgery for eyelid paresis or paralysis.
  2. An eyelid specialist is up to date with all new techniques to address eyelid paresis and paralysis
  3. An eyelid specialist is specifically trained in surgery to correct eyelid paresis and paralysis
  4. An eyelid specialist only performs eyelid surgery.