Lower eyelid retraction (lower lids pulled down) after blepharoplasty is known to occur in 6-20% of transcutaneous lower blepharoplasty procedures.  This does not mean this is a bad surgery, it does mean it is a risky surgery.  Lower lid retraction is typically associated with scleral show (white showing between lower lid and colored part of the eye) and canthal rounding (rounded outer corner of eye with loss of almond shape).  Dr. Guy Massry of Beverly Hills California is an eyelid surgery specialist (oculoplastic surgeon) with vast experience and expertise in the correction of this problem.  He recently published on novel information which shows what patient is at high risk of this problem.  Dr. Massry had lectured extensively of various ways to manage lower eyelid retraction depending of physical finding present. 

What To Do When You Have Lower Eyelid Retraction After Blepharoplasty

So what should a patient do if this happens to them? Below are the 8 most important things a patient needs to do if they are experiencing lower eyelid retraction as a result of blepharoplasty.

  1. Only see an eyelid surgical specialist (oculoplastic surgeon).
  2. Only see an oculoplastic surgeon with a proven record of success with revisional eyelid surgery.
  3. Check if the surgeon has published on correction of lower eyelid retraction.
  4. Check if the surgeon has lectured on lower eyelid retraction.
  5. Talk to patients the surgeon has operated on.
  6. Get a referral from a trusted doctor who knows about the problem.
  7. Do not make a decision based on advertising or paid ads.
  8. Make a sound decision as there a few chances to fix the problem.

Dr. Massry has made the correction of lower lid retraction a major part of his practice for almost 20 years.  Below is a typical result of such a correction (Before surgery left – After surgery right).  Note improvement in lower eyelid retraction (lid pull down), scleral show (white between lower lid and colored part of the eye.

Lower Eyelid Retraction After Blepharoplasty - Revision Surgery - Guy Massry - Beverly Hills

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