Eyelid paralysis/paresis (weakening) can occur secondary to Bell’s palsy and other such processes.  This is a very frustrating problem as when the eyelids are weak, they do not close, the lower lid can drop and both appearance and function suffer.

There are many ways to address these issues with surgery (gold weight implant, canthoplasty, etc.) and non surgically with fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane) or with Botox.  These last solutions are temporary but allow the patient to avoid surgery.

Dr. Guy Massry is an eyelid specialist (practicing in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles) who sees patients with paralyzed eyelids from Bell’s palsy and other similar processes routinely.  Dr. Massry teachers and writes on various different eyelid surgical procedures regularly.  His most recent textbook has just been published http://www.springer.com/medicine/ophthalmology/book/978-1-4614-0066-0. Dr. Massry has had much success treating theses problems surgically and non-surgically.  More information on Dr. Massry can be found on his web site https://drmassry.com .

Over the last year Dr. Massry has developed techniques to perform minimally invasive eyelid surgery on patients with Bell’s palsy and other forms of paralyzed eyelids.  These procedures spare the weakened eyelid muscles while improving shape and appearance of the eyelid opening

If you have eyelid paralysis/paresis (weakening) from Bell’s palsy and want an improvement please contact Dr. Massry’s office at (310) 453-8474 or look him up at his web site https://drmassry.com.  Dr. Massry has offices in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, and sees many patients from surrounding areas such as Newport Beach, San Diego and Irvine.  He looks forward to helping you with this troublesome problem.