Gel Fillers – Restylane, Juvaderm and Perlane are used around the eyes to treat hollows, dark circles and depressions.  They are composed of Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance in our body which is lost with age.  The gel (Restylane, Juvaderm or Perlane) is injected into the hollow or depression to fill the area and improve contour and appearance. 

Dr. Guy Massry, Beverly Hills ophthalmic plastic surgeon, is a specialist in gel fillers (especially Restylane) around the eyes.  Dr. Massry prefers Restylane because it has not had more than minor side effects in his hands when compared to Juvaderm.  Perlane is to thick a gel to use around the eyes.

Dr. Massry has recently completed his second textbook in the field of aesthetic eyelid rejuvenation.  There is a chapter in the book just on the subject of filling around the eyes.

Dr. Massry has treated many patients with eyelid filler in the last decade.  Filler is reversible with the injection of another medication (Vitrase or Hylaluronidase) – so complications are rare.  However, eyelid filler should only be done by an eyelid specialist.  This makes sense as the eyes are so important in appearance and function and are such delicate structures which control our most important sense – vision.

If you are interested in filler around the eyes (with Restylane), or in the treatment of eyelid hollows, depressions or dark circles Dr. Massry would be happy to see you.  While Dr. Massry practices in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, he sees many patients from surrounding areas such as Newport Beach, San Diego and Irvine.  To contact Dr. Massry just call his office (310) 453-8474 or access his web site