Cosmetic Surgeons have come to understand that augmenting the lower lids with fat is an important part of aesthetic lower lid blepharoplasty.  Often time’s traditional lower lid blepharoplasty has led to a sunken or hollowed appearance with a characteristic depression at the lid/cheek junction (what is often referred to as dark circles).  This leads to a tired and aged appearance – not to a restoration of youth.

Eyelid fat transfer can consist of lower blepharoplasty (true eyelid surgery) with movement of existing eyelid fat to areas of depression (hollows).  This is called eyelid fat repositioning or eyelid fat transposition.  Below are examples of this procedure.










Eyelid fat transfer can also consist of injecting fat from other areas of the body (abdomen or inner thighs) to the hollows of the eyelids.  This is called fat grafting.  Below are a few examples of this procedure.







These procedures can also be combined when necessary.