Eyelid paralysis (no function) or eyelid paresis (weakness) after Bell’s palsy or other forms of facial nerve injury is a common problem encountered by many patients.  It can be devastating to patients as eyelid paralysis or paresis can cause severe pain, reduce vision
and distorted appearance.  This problem should only be addressed by an eyelid surgeon who has experience and expertise in this specialized form of surgery.

Surgically addressing these problems is called facial or eyelid reanimation.  This means restoring facial and eyelid function and appearance.  With eyelid paralysis or paresis this can be very challenging.

Dr.  Massry  has performed thousands of eyelid surgeries, and has helped many patients with eyelid paresis or paralysis from Bell’s palsy or other forms of facial paralysis.

Dr. Massry employs new and novel techniques to reduce eyelid trauma during surgery and preserve eyelid function. It is critical to see an eyelid specialist for these procedures. Why?

1.  Aneyelid specialist has more experience with surgery for eyelid paresis or paralysis.

2.  An eyelid specialist is up to date with all new techniques to address eyelid paresis and paralysis

3.  An eyelid specialist is specifically trained in surgery to correct eyelid paresis and paralysis

4.  An eyelid specialist only performs eyelid surgery.