Entropion and Ectropion Repair Should be Performed by an Oculoplastic Specialist

When an eyelid is not in its correct position the problem is referred to as an “eyelid malpostion.”  In the lower eyelid the most common eyelid malpositions oculoplastic specialists see are entropion – when the lower eyelid flips in, and ectropion – when the lower eyelid flips out   With entropion, as the lid flips in the eyelashes can rub on the eye itself, a condition known as trichiasis.  This can cause, pain, irritation, a red eye, tearing and infection.  With ectropion, as the lower lid flips out, typical findings can be similar except that there is less pain as the lashes do not rub on the eye.

Repair of entropion or ectropion requires a detailed examination by an eyelid specialist (ophthalmic Plastic surgeon) and almost always a surgical repair. These surgeries can be something simple to complex depending on the nature of the problem.  The surgical steps involved can include a canthoplasty” – or a lower lid tightening (suspension), internal eyelid surgery to re-create connections lost, scar release if due to trauma or diseases which scar the lids, and skin grafting or mid face lifting if there is a shortage of skin.

Dr. Guy Massry, Beverly Hills Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery is an oculoplastic specialist who is a renowned lecturer, teacher and medical author.  Dr. Massry has years of experience with eyelid malpostion surgery such as entropion or ectropion.  If you need the assistance of as oculoplastic specialist, please contact Dr. Massry at his office 310.657.4302 or email info@drmassry.com.