Endoscopic Brow lift surgery is a procedure whereby the eyebrows are raised to a higher level.  The brow lift will often enhance blepharoplasty (eyelid) surgery outcomes.  There are many ways to raise the eyebrows, one of which is with endoscopic brow lift surgery.  Dr. Guy Massry is an oculoplastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, California.  In Beverly Hills there is a high demand for endoscopic brow lift surgery as patients are very aware of the technology.  Consequently, many cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills have experience with endoscopic brow lift surgery. The endoscopic brow lift, as opposed to other brow lift surgery techniques, is less invasive and generally has a lower complication rate.  The complications of most cosmetic brow lift surgery techniques include scarring, forehead numbness, itching and pain, and hair loss.  In endoscopic brow lift surgery these problems are significantly minimized.

To view before and after results of Dr. Massry’s endoscopic brow lift surgery please view this link from his web site https://drmassry.com/#/1-2.