Brow lifting is a cosmetic procedure which can be performed in a standalone fashion or in conjunction with eyelid surgery.  The goal of surgery is to elevate the ptotic (droopy) brow so that the eyelid is less full.  When a blepharoplasty is added the result is more substantial.  It is incumbent upon the aesthetic surgeon to assess whether a brow lift is all that is needed or if blepharoplasty should also be performed.  The surgeon best trained to make this decision is the oculoplastic surgeon – a specialist in surgery of the eyelids and surrounding areas.

Dr. Guy Massry, Beverly Hills oculoplastic surgery, has spent years studying brow lifting surgery and identifying the best procedure to meet the needs of every patient. The most modern and commonly performed brow lift today is the endoscopic brow lift.  This is a powerful and less invasive procedure than traditional surgery and requires specific training in endoscopic techniques to master the technique.

Recently Dr. Massry developed a new brow lifting technique call the “External Browpexy.”  Please refer to these links for more information on this innovative technique .

If you have an interest in brow lifting surgery you can contact Dr. Massry through his website above or at this office at 310 657-4302.