Today I am going to talk about customized lower blepharoplasty. You can see the pictures on the left are before surgery and the pictures on the right were taken after surgery. The goal in blepharoplasty is to remove the prominent puffiness on the lower lid and fill the hollows underneath. The way to achieve this goal without complications is to do surgery from the inside to avoid external scars or changing the eyelid shape. Rather than excising the fat, which was the previous standard for lower eyelid surgery, it is instead repositioned to the hollow underneath. This is an advanced technique that allows us to use precious eyelid fat as a permanent filler. You can see in the straight-ahead view of the patient’s before and after pictures that her eyelids are smooth without puffiness or depressions after surgery, and on the oblique view before surgery you can see the puffiness and the hollow and after surgery how nice the transition is. This is a consistent and reliable technique that yields beautiful results.


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