Hi, I’m Guy Massry. I practice oculoplastic surgery in Beverly Hills, CA. One of my serious interests is in anophthalmia surgery. That means surgery on people that have lost their eyes. And today I’m going to go over a patient example who went through this: how we combined the traditional surgery that improves function and also included surgery for aesthetics to improve appearance, and I call this aesthetic anophtalmic surgery. So on this before picture, you see a full-face shot of a woman who was in a severe car accident.


You can see that on the right side, the brow is asymmetric, the eye looks smaller; it looks sunken in. And clearly, it’s very difficult to have self-esteem in life when something like this happens to you. So, now look at one of the after pictures. In this first after picture, she had had surgery to correct the eyelids and the socket in such a way that she can wear a false eye or prosthesis. So does she look better? Yes, she looks much better.


And this is typically where it ends for most patients with physicians that do this kind of surgery. But now let’s look at the second after picture. That is the picture that was taken after I performed aesthetic surgery on her. And if you look at her now, her brows look symmetric, her eyelids look symmetric, and you can barely tell that she has a false eye on the right. This surgery changed her life in such a positive way and was such a rewarding thing for me to be involved in.


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