The area where the upper and lower lids meet is called the canthus.  This area near the nose is called the medial canthus and the same area on the outer eyelids is called the lateral canthus.  Webs (abnormal folds of skin) can occur in both areas and are referred to as medial and lateral canthal webs.  These webs create both functional and aesthetic problems and are VERY DIFFICULT TO ELIMINATE.  However, like any scar, they can be improved surgically.

To correct a canthal web requires a combination of many small procedures.  These procedures include a canthoplasty (a revision canthoplasty), and a variety of micoflap tissue rearrangements ( z-plasty, a Y-V plasty, etc).  The key is to reinforce the canthus (canthoplasty or revision canthoplasty) and then move the skin around with the tissue flaps.

Dr. Massry, who is an ophthalmic plastic surgeon (oculoplastic surgeon – specialized eyelid surgeon) in Beverly Hills, and also sees many patients from Newport Beach, Irvine and San Diego, has expertise in canthal web repair, canthoplasty and revision canthoplasty surgery.  He would be happy to see you should you need consultation in this areas of specialized eyelid surgery

Examples of Dr. Massry’s work can be seen on his web site above or directly at these links, , .  Below is another example of a medial canthal web revision.  Photos A is the preoperative presentation, photos B, C, D, are the diagrams of the markings, flaps and surgical tissue rearrangements.  Photos E and F are the before and after results.