This very sweet woman had her eyelids done elsewhere with a difficult postoperative healing course.  Her lids scarred down which led to irritation, pain and discomfort.  These kinds of problems can occur in the best of hands and require specialized eyelid surgical techniques to correct.

I performed revision surgery on her lower lids (canthoplasty, cheek lift and skin flaps from the  upper to lower lids lids) to elevate and reposition them.  She has done very well with an excellent result.  Refer to photo below for her surgical outcome.  On the left is the before photo and on the right is the after photo.

Pulled down or retracted lower lids can be very difficult to fix.   Each case is different and requires a correction consisting of procedures tailored to the specific needs of the patient.  To do this correctly, specialized training in these eyelid reconstructive procedures is essential.


Dr. Guy Massry (Beverly Hills ophthalmic plastic surgeon) has a practice that focuses on fixing these kinds of eyelid problems.  Dr. Massry can be reached for consultation ( or 310-453-8474) shoud you need assistance with these kinds of problems.