Cosmetic Surgeons in Beverly Hills see a tremendous number of patients who want blepharoplasty surgery.  This is because there is such a large amount of blepharoplasty surgery occurring in Beverly Hills, and because so many cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills perform blepharoplasty surgery.  One of the main complaints patients have with their eyelids for which they seek out blepharoplasty surgery, is ”lower lid (eyelid) bags.”

Lower lid (eyelid) bags can result from redundant skin/muscle or fat.  They are often associated with depressions beneath the bags (we call these hollows).  There are a variety of ways to address the lower lid (eyelid) bags – one such way is surgically.

Surgery typically involves removing some fat and preserving the rest for use to fill in hollows.  This fat preservation is called fat repositioning.  This involves translocating eyelid fat which is prominent to areas where it is deficient (depressions, grooves and hollow areas).  This is an incisional surgical technique which I perform from the inside of the lid to prevent external scars.  I have found this procedure to be reliable, reproducible and to consistently yield excellent results.

The other fat filling procedure is called fat grafting.  In this instance fat is taken from a different area of the body (ex. abdomen) and injected (grafted) into the depressed areas around the lower lids.  In experienced hands this also yields excellent results.