Eyelid surgery is a specialized form of cosmetic surgery.  Eyelid surgery can include blepharoplasty surgery (cosmetic eyelid surgery), ptosis surgery (eyelid surgery which lifts a droopy lid), canthoplasty surgery (eyelid surgery to tighten a lower lid) and other procedures.  Not every plastic surgeon performs all kinds of eyelid surgery.  Ophthalmic plastic surgeons (oculoplastic surgeons) are specialty trained in all forms of eyelid surgery.  These are board certified ophthalmologists with separate sub-specialty training in cosmetic surgery of the forehead/eyebrows, eyelids and midface (cheeks), and reconstructive surgery of the same areas tear ducts and orbits.  There are approximately 500 such trained surgeons in the United States today.  These are the most experienced and best trained surgeons to perform your eyelid surgery.  It is very important you understand the value of specialized surgeons when pursuing eyelid surgery.  The eyes are the central feature of the face.  You only want the best surgeon to perform surgery on your eyelids.

Below is an example of eyelid surgery on a woman who felt she had a very tired look.  You can see in her after picture how much better she looks and how natural her result is.  This is how eyelid surgery should look.