The term canthal suspension is a general description of procedures used to tighten or suspend the lower lid.  These procedures are needed during initial lower blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery) to prevent complications (eyelid droop), and are also used for patients who have developed complications from previous cosmetic eyelid surgery (eyelid retraction or pulled down lower lids).  There are a variety of canthal suspension techniques which can be used.  A canthoplasty  is the most aggressive and powerful procedure.  In this procedure the outer attachment of the lower lid is releases and re-attached.  This way a complete new and firm attachment is created.  A canthoplasty can be performed in an open (external incision at the outer corner of the eye) manner, or in a closed fashion (no skin incision at the outer corner of the lids).   The closed technique, when appropriate, is a more advanced procedure – but also more aesthetic as an incision is avoided.  Dr. Massry advocates and has published on this technique.

A canthopexy is a less powerful procedure that tightens the lower lid in a more indirect fashion.  It causes less tissue disruption but often times is not adequate to support the lower lid.

Identification of which procedure is best for you requires a detailed evaluation by an eyelid expert.  Dr. Guy Massry, Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgery,  is such an expert.  He is a leader in his field, who has published and lectured extensively on eyelid surgery.  Dr. Massry would be happy to see you at his Beverly Hills office.  Dr. Massry can be reached through his web site above or directly at his office at 310 657-4302.