The loss of an eye (anophthalmia) is a very traumatic psychological event.  After an eye is removed a false eye (prosthetic eye) is placed for appearance and function.  Even when this goes well, eyelid ectropion, socket problems, and ptosis can occur.  This often leaves the patient concerned and depressed.  The loss of the eye is enough hardship –making the prosthetic (false) eye look natural is important.

There is no reason to be unhappy with your appearance if you have a prosthetic eye.  There is no reason a prosthetic eye cannot be made to look better.  Prosthetic eyelid surgery can be done in an aesthetic way so that appearance as well as function is preserved. Below is an example of a patient Dr. Massry assisted with surgery to improve the appearance of her prosthetic eye.










If you have a prosthetic eye and need a surgeon to make the eye and eyelids look better, please contact Dr. Guy Massry (Beverly Hills Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery).  Dr. Massry will be happy to evaluate your prosthetic eye condition and make appropriate suggestions for surgical repair of eyelid ectropion, ptosis or other associated issues related to the prosthesis.  Dr. Massry can be contacted at his office (310) 453-8474 or through his web site listed above.  While Dr. Massry is located in Beverly Hills, he often sees patients from surrounding areas such as Newport Beach, San Diego and Irvine and other areas around the country.