Many of you will never have heard the word anophthalmia unless it happens to you or someone you love. So if it has happened to you or someone you love as a result of trauma, disease, etc., you know that anophthalmia means the absence of an eye. Acquired loss of an eye (meaning you were born with two functioning eyes, but lost one due to disease or trauma) not only leads to an abnormal function of the eyelid and socket, but also to an appearance that you feel is no longer YOU.

The traditional approach to anophthalmia surgery is solely the correction of the functional components of the eyelid and surrounding area so that the patient can wear a fake (prosthetic) eye. Most surgeons do not approach this type of surgery with aesthetics in mind. However, world renowned Oculoplastic Surgeon Guy Massry, MD, Beverly Hills, Califoprnia, specializes in correcting the eyelid and socket deficiencies associated with anophthalmia in not only a functional approach, but with aesthetics in mind as well. This comprehensive and innovative approach provides his patients with the best possible results.

Dr. Massry emphasizes and specializes in making his anophthalmic patients look as good as possible following surgery for a lost eye. He achieves this by applying the same cosmetic surgery principles he uses for his traditional ophthalmic plastic surgery patients.




This young woman was involved in a car accident, lost her left eye, and sustained severe damage to her eyelids. As you can see in the before picture, she was unable to wear a normal appearing prosthesis (fake eye), and her eye opening from top to bottom, and side-to-side was small. You can also see a scar in the upper inner corner of her upper eyelid. Finally, she lost significant eyelid skin and fat in the injury and her eyelid could not move, and she was unable to open or close her eyelid. Dr. Massry performed eyelid and socket surgery and she later had a prosthetic eye fitted. While her eyelid does not look exactly as it did before the accident, she has a much-improved appearance after surgery with Dr. Massry. In the future, Dr. Massry recommends recurring filler injections to the upper lid to maintain the best appearance possible.


This young woman and her surgery with Dr. Massry were featured on an episode of the widely popular show Dr. 90210. Watch her journey with Dr. Massry!



If you or someone you love has lost an eye from an accident or disease, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Massry – 310.657.4302. As one of the top experts in anophthalmia surgery in the world, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands.