Eyelid rejuvenation surgery consultation with Dr Massry

Eyelid rejuvenation surgery consultation with Dr Massry

Upper blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery for the upper eyelid) is a fantastic age reversing procedure for many people.  With time, the upper eyelids begin to sag and droop and create a tired and aged appearance. An upper blepharoplasty can address this sagging and drooping and restore a more youthful look!

While an upper blepharoplasty is a very common procedure these days, it is very important to find a surgeon who specializes in this type of surgery to ensure you get the best results possible. Dr. Guy Massry in Beverly Hills is a board-certified oculoplastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the eyelids. To help patients find the best upper blepharoplasty surgeon, Dr. Massry always tells people to ask a surgeon these 6 questions during a consultation:

  1. Are you an eyelid specialist? Cosmetic eyelid surgery specialists are called Oculoplastic Surgeons or Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeons. This means they first trained as an ophthalmologist and then underwent specialized training in eyelid plastic (cosmetic) surgery. Oculoplastic surgeons perform more upper blepharoplasty procedures than any other type of cosmetic surgeon and have a very thorough understanding of the complex and delicate eyelid anatomy – a must for a successful surgery.
  2. Can you handle a revision should something go wrong? Although in the hands of an eyelid expert complications from upper blepharoplasty are rare, you want to make sure the surgeon is capable of handling any complications that may arise.  This includes performing a revision surgery in the rare instance it is needed.
  3. Will you be removing skin, muscle, fat or a combination of these tissues during surgery? Every upper blepharoplasty procedure should be customized to the specific needs of the patient. Upper eyelid bags can result from abnormalities in skin, muscle or fat. After an in-person evaluation, the surgeon should tell you what technique he plans to use to rejuvenate your upper eyelids. This may include addressing skin, muscle, fat or some combination of these tissues.
  4. Will I have eyelid closure issues after surgery? An experienced surgeon will perform the surgery in such a way that you should not have any issues closing your eyes after the surgery.
  5. Can I get dry eyes after upper eyelid blepharoplasty? Again, an experienced surgeon will perform the surgery in such a way that you should not experience dry eyes after upper blepharoplasty.
  6. How many cases do you do a year? This is always a great question to ask about any surgery as it gives you a good idea of how experienced the surgeon is with performing the surgery. An oculoplsatic surgeon will likely perform at least 100 upper blepharoplasty surgeries per year.

Asking a surgeon these questions during your upper blepharoplasty consultation will give you a great understanding of the surgeon’s skill set. In addition, Dr. Massry also recommends you review the surgeon’s website to see their credentials.

Why Choose Dr. Massry for Your Upper Blepharoplasty?

Dr. Massry is one of the world’s leading oculoplastic surgeons. He has published 5 textbooks on eyelid surgery and has written hundreds of peer-reviewed articles on upper blepharoplasty and revision eyelid surgery. Furthermore, he has a special interest in furthering knowledge in the field of oculoplastic surgery and routinely lectures and teaches other surgeons from around the world his surgical techniques. As a result of all of Dr. Massry’s experience and expertise, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands with him!

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