Middle Face Cheek Lift

Addressing the sagging cheek is a relatively new concept in cosmetic surgery. The cheek can be elevated to give a fuller and more youthful appearance to the face through surgery on the lower lid (incisions inside the eyelid), or through an endoscopic approach (with incisions behind the hairline and in the mouth). Both procedures are generally scarless and powerful. Often times this surgery can be used to elevate lower lids which have been pulled down from previous lower lid surgery. The midface lift is an area of surgery Dr. Massry has significant interest and experience with.

A cheek lift is a procedure whereby the middle face is elevated. This can be performed through an eyelid incision or with the endoscope through an incision behind the hairline of the temple. This surgery is only indicated in specific instances which can be reviewed with you by Dr. Massry.

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