Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in Beverly Hills – Dr. Guy Massry

How To Fix Under Eye Hollows with Filler

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In this video Dr Massry performs Hyaluronic acid gel filler injections to the patient's lower eyelid to address under eye hollows. He first administers a nerve block for the patient's comfort. Next, he uses a cannula to perform the filler injections. He starts with deep injects followed by more superficial injections to give the patient optimal results. He massages the filler to contour the results.

Hollow and sunken under eyes are a very common complaint among both men and women. This hollow appearance is due from a loss of volume as we age. Using fillers under the eyes can help restore a youthful appearance. Read more about under eye fillers.

To find out if fillers for hollow under eyes are right for you, call our office and schedule a consultation with Dr Massry - 310.657.4302!

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