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Anophthalmia is the absence of an eye. It is a condition that can be congenital (born without an eye) or acquired (surgical removal of an eye resulting from trauma, cancer, etc.). Lack of an eye creates not only an abnormal appearance, but can also lead to abnormal function of the eyelids and socket.
Correcting the eyelid and socket deficiencies associated with anophthalmia is extremely specialized work. Located in the beautiful Beverly Hills, world-renowned oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Guy Massry, sees many patients with this condition and has developed a specific expertise in this area of surgery. Furthermore, Dr. Massry has really revolutionized the way he performs this procedure, by taking an aesthetic approach.

Traditionally, the approach to anophthalmic surgery was to solely correct the functional components of the eyelid and surrounding areas and the ability to wear a prosthetic eye. However, this approach did not address eyelid and facial aesthetics, so many patients were left with an unsatisfactory appearance.  Realizing this deficit in anophthalmia treatment, Dr. Massry decided to create a surgical plan that addresses both function and aesthetics for his patients.

Aesthetic Anophthalmia Surgery

Combining the traditional functional anophthalmia surgery goals with the same aesthetic principles Dr. Massry uses for his cosmetic eyelid surgery patients, Dr. Massry provides his patients with the best results possible. Dr. Massry’s goal is to make his patients look like themselves again. To do this, he makes the side that has lost an eye as symmetrical as possible to the normal side. Creating this symmetry varies from patient to patient, depending on the reason for the loss of their eye. Most commonly, Dr. Massry will adjust the brow, upper eyelid, and/or lower eyelid positions so that they mirror the normal brow or eyelids as closely as possible.
During your anophthalmia surgery consultation with Dr. Massry, he will assess your eyelid and eye socket and determine what the best course of treatment is for your particular needs. At this point he will discuss realistically what aesthetic goals can be achieved so that both of you agree on the expected outcome of the surgery.
Because of this comprehensive approach, Dr. Massry is truly the best anophthalmia and prosthetic eye surgeon. The anophthalmia patients he has treated always tell Dr. Massry how much happier and confident they are after their aesthetic prosthetic eye surgery.

Before & After Aesthetic Anophthalmia Surgery

 Below are a few of Dr. Massry's aesthetic anophthalmia surgery patients before and post surgery wearing their eye prosthesis. 

Prosthetic eye - Dr Massry

Prosthetic Eye Surgery - Dr Massry

Best anophthalmia surgery results - Dr Massry

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Aesthetic Anophthalmia Surgery Videos

In the following videos, Dr. Massry describes his surgical approach to several anophthalmia patients to give them the most natural and aesthetically pleasing results possible. As you can see, Dr. Massry does everything he can to make the apperahnce of their artifical eye look as normal and natural as possible.

Dr. Massry on Dr. 90210 for Anophthalmia Surgery 

As a result of his internationally recognized expertise in anophthalmia surgery, Dr. Massry was featured on the popular TV show "Dr. 90210" to help patients suffering from anopthalmia. 

Giving a Teenage Boy his Eye Back (Part 1)
Giving a Teenage Boy his Eye Back (Part 2)
Young Woman Regains her Confidence with a Prosthetic Eye

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