Dr. Guy Massry Client Testimonials


Jeff Goldblum, Actor - "Great Doctor! Great and lovely human being!"

"[Dr. Massry] Did a brilliant job with finesse and kindness - I was so grateful and relieved! Thank goodness for Dr. Massry! - A truly caring healer!" (Stated after seeing Dr. Massry in the office for non-cosmetic reasons.)


"For the first time with makeup on in 3 years and no sunglasses! All because of you!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!"



"Dear Dr. Massry - Until now I associated the word surgery with misery and disappointment. After being under the care of a doctor like you, I associate surgery with recovery, hope and optimism! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking my complicated case, Dr. Massry. More than being just an excellent surgeon, I value the fact that you are unbelievably kind and patient to me. You not only follow some procedure, but you have the eyes of a magic artist. You give your heart and soul in the process of surgery and after. Your personal calls to follow my condition after the surgery touch me so much. You are not only a brilliant surgeon, you are a unique, brilliant human being! Such an honor to know you!" -E.S.

"Before I met Dr. Massry I used to have anxiety and sleepless nights before going to get procedures done because it was never certain what the results would be or what kind of personal treatment I was going to receive. After meeting Dr. Massry, going to an appointment just brightens my day and is absolutely carefree.  Not only do I have 100% trust in Dr. Massry's skill and integrity, he also treats me with genuine care and respect.  He is one of a kind and I am so grateful to have met him."
-A very happy patient
Lisa E., Designer - "My experience with Dr. Massry was excellent!"


Prior to meeting Dr. Massry, I had surgery on my upper and lower eyelids. The results were a disaster, including scars, muscle damage and overall asymmetry. Dr. Massry corrected the damage with perfection! His post surgical follow up was wonderful. Most important, I believe Dr. Massry to be a highly skilled surgeon that sincerely cares about his patients and their results. I would highly recommend Dr. Massry and will continue to appreciate his help."



Judy K., Author of "Acting is Everything: An Actor's Guidebook for a Successful Career in Los Angeles" - "I found my angel, Dr. Massry."

I had inherited bags under my eyes. I'm now 64 and had my first lower eyelid surgery at 30. There was a sag in one lid but the surgeon put tape on my cheek to hold up the lid for about six weeks and it ended up looking fine. At 35 I had the upper lids done. At 50 I had an acid peel to correct some wrinkling and my face really swelled. When it returned to normal the eyelid that had healed fine at 30 now hung away from my face. It was awful. I went to a very famous "eyelid surgery only" doctor for repair surgery. He worked on both eyelids, upper and lower. The result was not good and I had to undergo another surgery on the lower lid of the damaged eye, and the corners of the upper lids where he had not taken enough fat out. Though it was improved a bit and most people looking at me thought I looked fine, I suffered. Then I found my angel, Dr. Massry.

When we met he explained exactly what my problems were and how he would go about repairing my lids. He was gentle yet upbeat and I knew I was in good hands. The surgery day was great and my recovery was fast and excellent. I liked the results right away and before the stitches were out I knew it was going to be successful.

The true bonus was my final checkup. Dr. Massry gave me a mirror and asked if I remembered the shape of my eyes when I came in? He said they had been round and now look, "They are almond shaped again."



Terry W.r - LA County Sheriff's Department - "A highly-gifted surgeon, his skill and professionalism can only be matched by his patience and kindness. He is truly one of a kind."

Several years ago, while on-duty as a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, I was shot in the face and left for dead, while my partner, a Department chaplain, lay mortally wounded nearby. I lost my right eye, and underwent extensive facial reconstructive surgery. Through time, the facial structure around my false eye was, in effect, caving in, causing pain, bleeding, and a rather deformed appearance. Doctor Massry performed revision surgery in this area, greatly relieving the pain, and creating a very natural look. A highly-gifted surgeon, his skill and professionalism can only be matched by his patience and kindness. He is truly one of a kind. - Terry Wenger


Alice B. - "Dr. Massry changed my life. I was born with ptosis (droopy eyelid) and got a ptosis repair in 1997. It held up okay throughout my childhood but as I got older I began to notice my ptosis was over-corrected to the point that I didn't even have a visible eyelid on the affected eye. It was definitely noticeable and I grew very self conscious of it. I hated looking in the mirror and taking photos. I would get asked by people at school, "what's wrong with your eye?" Or "Do you have a lazy eye?" which as you can imagine isn't something you want to hear. In 2014, I decided I should start pursuing a revisional surgery. I met with a doctor who claimed a blepharoplasty would fix all my problems. I pursued that surgery with a doctor, Dr. Stan Saulny. The effect of that surgery was absolutely nothing. My eyelids looked identical to how they were pre surgery. When I had a post operative checkup with Dr. Saulny and discussed that I was displeased with my results, I was basically told there's nothing anyone can do about it and I'm stuck the way I am so suck it up. But I didn't want to take no for an answer. At my yearly eye doctor checkup (not with Dr Saulny, his rudeness turned me off from ever visiting that office again), I mentioned this surgery and my reasoning for having it. My eye doctor then recommended Dr. Massry. I googled him extensively, looked at before and after photos/ testimonials and liked what I saw. That's when I decided to give his office a call and schedule a consultation. At my consultation I got all my questions answered and I really liked how confident Dr Massry was that he would be capable of doing something positive to my eyelid. Seeing that this would be my 3rd eyelid surgery, I have a LOT of scar tissue so reopening the same wound is tricky and dangerous but Dr Massry assured me that he could make this a lot better for me and was confident in his ability to do so. And that is exactly what he did. After my surgery with Dr Massry I finally have an eyelid again, and it's 99.99999% even with the other one. I didn't even know this could be possible with such a complicated, tricky case. I am so unbelievably grateful that I can look in the mirror with ease and not hide my eye behind bangs anymore. I would highly recommend Dr. Massry to anyone who has ptosis or had a bad ptosis correction surgery. He is great at what he does and there's a reason he is so well rated and highly praised. I can't thank him enough."


David C. - "My wife and I left Dr. Massry's office a couple of hours ago. She went to see him today for a cosmetic treatment. She chose Dr. Massry because of the excellent results she got from previous medically necessary eyelid surgeries. And just like in the past his expertise made her look even better than we had hoped. An added plus is Dr. Massry's excellent bedside manner. He is very patient and thorough and takes all the time needed to explain what to expect and the financial options available in a very honest and open manner. He always makes her feel so comfortable that it's like she is part of the family. If you are considering any kind of eyelid procedure (medical or cosmetic) don't hesitate to choose Dr. Massry."


Devon G. - "Dr. Massry was doctor #15 that I had seen.  I was referred to him by a different specialist in a different field once they had figured out what was wrong with me.  Sadly, I was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease in my eyes similar to Lupus.  So I think I know a thing or two about doctors and their bed side manners or lack their of.  Dr. Massry, was one of the only doctors that took what seemed like extra time after the exam to explain everything, to answer all my questions, and to give me advice on how to accept my disease.  He also told me to stop going from Doctor to Doctor and to live my life!  He promised that when and if something changed and I could have surgery, at the time surgery wasn't an option for me, that he would be there for me.  He even sent me a letter after our visit to make sure that I was OK and to tell me that he is here for me.  After that I began following him and his amazing work on facebook.  He changes lives and helps so many. 

Yesterday, I was sent back to Dr. Massry as I have progressed and now surgery is an option.  Again he was patient, explaining everything, and answering all my questions.  When I got home I even had more questions and he got right back to me with the answers. I know I am in great hands and I can't wait to do the surgery.  Tears fill my eyes with gratitude as not all doctors care so much.  I would recommend Dr. Massry to everyone!  His assistant Anna is really nice too as is everyone in the office."


Christine S. - "Flew in from across the US to see Dr Massry.  Dr Massry is a superstar of a person.  He is very down to earth and has no high horse attitude.  He is very sweet and passionate.  Trust me if you got a bad eyelid procedure don't go to another doctor in the your area.  You need to fly out here to get help before you get more damaged , trust me.  He spent alot of time w me and I didn't feel rushed.  He answered me all my questions.  Even the dumb ones.  He told me flat out what he could do and couldn't.   Great consult."


DK K. - "Dr. Guy Massry is just an incredibly skilled surgeon.  i would give him 10 stars if i could.  9 years ago I had an upper eye lid lift and endo brow lift with him that went incredibly well and looks very natural.   Because I had such amazing results with him.  I would only go to him for him under eye injections.  He erased the hollows and bags under my eyes with zero bruising.  it looks incredible.   He also liffted my cheeks a little bit.  He took 10 years off my face in a matter of minutes it was pretty crazy.  I can't wait to go back for a little botox.  I like that he would not do too much at one time.   He really cares about the patient and their best interests.   That is not always the case with other dr's   I know he really cares  and that is a wonderful quality.   He is an amazing Dr.  I can not say enough wonderful things about him.   I stand by him 100 percent."


Alice K. - "Dr. Massry is an incredible Dr. Walked in and the girls at the front desk greeted my Mom and I with a smile. The Dr. Called us in right away and began the process for surgery. He's passionate about his job and makes sure to treat his patients with extra tender care. Mom had surgery a few months ago and it's our second follow up and Dr. Massry is never in a rush, if we have a concern he doesn't hesitate to explain and give a solution for the problem. Love the way he talks to his patient and shows empathy for his patient. I would recommend Dr. Massry to anyone. Great Dr."


Marilee M. - "I started seeing Dr. Massry back in 2005!  At that time, I sought him out to remove the bags under my eyes.  I was only 33, but the bags under my eyes really bothered me.  Dr. Massry had come highly recommended, and in our consultation he also recommended lifting my eyebrows ever so slightly, and also recommended lifting my cheeks slightly to enhance the fat repositioning underneath my eyes.  So in all, it was a mini face-lift.  Naturally I was nervous about the work, but Dr. Massry was so thorough, and such a professional, he put me at ease.  The surgery was scheduled with his lovely manager Anna, and we were on our way.  The surgery was performed in the summer of 2005, and I'm not going to lie, it was painful, and I was bruised and swollen.  These are all things Dr. Massry prepared me for.  I was off work for the planned 2 weeks, and the swelling went down little by little; and after 2 months, it was completely gone, and the work was absolutely beautiful!!  It's hard to appreciate what an artist Dr. Massry is, until you go through the entire process.  I looked (and still do), look so natural and beautiful, 11 years later!!!  I'm 44 years old, and no one has any idea.  To keep up the beautiful work, I've been driving from North County San Diego to Beverly Hills for Botox and, and I just began adding a small amount of filler as well, and I'm still looking natural and fantastic, thanks to Dr. Massry.  And on one more note, in the past several months, I've started to develop a resistance to Botox (a rare occurrence).  Anyway, Dr. Massry has gone out of his way to research other options, and is working with me to administer them and identify a solution.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate Dr. Massry.  He's one in a million, and I recommend him 150%!!!"


Deanna D. - "I am writing this in hopes that my experience can possibly help others who have had their brows lifted too high.  I actually had a brow and cheek lift which left my face around my eyes, temples, cheeks and forehead looking much different in a negative way.  I was sunken in and because the brows were so high you could see the brow bone (the fat in crease of eyelids was gone as well as around orbital rim and temple area).  The result was devastating.  I spent months researching what was out there to help me.  Unfortunately I could not find much information.  I sought out an Occulofacial Plastic Surgeon in Portland who recommended botox to lower brow.  This helped a bit but my appearance was still "weird".  I don't know how to explain it but I know there are other women out there who have had the same experience and are looking for help.  I then went to the best of the best Plastic Surgeons (the ones you hear about and see on TV all the time) and although they were able to inject filler under the eye they still were not comfortable injecting around the eye.  During one of my visit the Plastic Surgeon mentioned to his nurse to seek out  feedback from Dr. Massry on weather or not lowering the brow would help me.  He then indicated if Dr. Massry felt it would help then he (the Surgeon I was visiting) would perform the surgery.  It was at this time I decided to research Dr. Massry myself.  Based on my findings (my husband and I both researched) we made an appointment with Dr. Massry.  I have only had one visit and it was the best thing I have ever done.  This has been 4 years of trying to get help.  He is phenomenal with injecting filler around eyes, temple area.  I am sure he is as good with any injections but this visit entailed the very delicate eye area which no one was able to inject without lumps, bumps, unevenness.  Dr. Massry is an expert in this area.  I tell you it is unbelievable the art of his hand and knowledge of where the filler should go with the botched surgery he was dealing with.   He is not recommending surgery at present and suggested the fillers. I was honestly taken aback with his precision.  I finally have hope.  He was kind, knowledgeable, good listener and most important I felt like he really wanted to help me!"


Suzan M. - "I normally don't post reviews but I had to share with everyone who's looking for cosmetic surgeon.. the search ends here! Dr. Massry is amazing beyond words. 

The moment I walked in to the office, I was greeted so nicely by the ladies at the front desk. They make sure you are comfortable and that you have the best waiting time experience (which by the way is very short!).

I was then taken into a room to meet Dr. Massry. He walked in with all smiles and had a very kind demeanor. He made me feel comfortable as he genuinely wanted to get to know me better as a patient and a person. He proceeded to examine my under eye circles that have been haunting me for many years. Dr. Massry has expert knowledge that makes any patient feel like they are in the right hands of care. He is not about the money unlike other doctors out there, because he provided me with a whole lot of information (such as risks and realistic results) that he would want me to know as a patient. I felt like he was so honest and that's something you definitely want from a doctor. He did not pressure me into something that I could live without if it didn't bother me so much and told me to not take extreme measures such as surgery. I've done so much research and I trusted doctor Massry that he was genuinely concerned with my well-being and providing me with the best possible options of care that are SAFE and REASONABLE. 

I've done a lot of research and went ahead with getting fillers under eyes to fill the deep hollows. He told me that he wants to be sure not to overfill and give me natural, better looking results (major plus!). I appreciated Dr. Massry's excellent bedside manner and gentle approach to filling my under eyes. He made sure I was comfortable and feeling okay throughout the whole procedure. I couldn't have asked for a better doctor for something so nerve-wracking (I'm really afraid of needles). 

After the procedure was done, I was so happy with the results! It's much better than what my under eyes were before and the best part is that it looks very natural. I'm more confident than I was before in my appearance..I have Dr. Massry to thank for that.

I got home couple of hours later to see an email from Dr. Massry (THE SAME DAY) telling me how well I handled the procedure and that I was a great patient. Talk about caring!

DR. MASSRY YOU ARE OUTSTANDING! Couldn't have asked for a better doctor."


Hailey B. - "Dr Massry is great. I go to him for Botox and he always makes me look so natural & refreshed without being overdone. Great doctor!"


Lisa C. - "There are so many amazing things to say about Dr Massry and his staff. Firstly, and most importantly, Dr Massry  is an incredibly accomplished physician and author.  As an ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he is an expert in his field.  When choosing a physician for cosmetic surgery or reconstruction , why wouldn't you want to see an expert?  Dr Massry always make you feel like you are his most important patient. He listens, engages you  in the consultation and takes the time to lay out the best plan for you.  He has impeccable skills, and is a perfectionist. He truly wants the best for each and every patient. Dr Massry's staff is just as fantastic. Anna goes above and beyond to help and support each patient and is one of the most efficient multi-taskers I've ever seen!  This is a very special office of incredibly professional, kind and caring people. ...I can't thank them enough for all they have done for me!! I would highly recommend Dr Massry!!"


Jennifer R. - " Dr. Guy Massry so much more than a master oculoplastic surgeon. I suffered with a terrible result from a previous elective surgery performed on East Coast - my home. My lower eyelids constricted during healing and pulled down far below the iris (as well as puckered out), thus exposing my eyeball with excessive air & leaving me with a strange hangdog appearance - yes, misery. Having squirreled funds for years to afford the 1st & believing I'd properly researched an excellent surgeon, I was gun-shy & terrified to undergo this again for corrective surgery. But my eyes wouldn't close when sleeping and they were dry & itchy constantly. It wasn't an acceptable condition. I had 3 opinions from surgeons who said nothing could be done (no skin left to work with) - until I got a reference to Dr. Massry. He offered a 50% fixable solution - which I accepted - and actually got me at 95% correction. Wow! I defy anyone to find fault in my results! He said I'm one of only a handful of patients to have this specific procedure done as it is fairly new and he pioneered it himself. How fortunate we are that he did!
Bedside Manner: He patiently & thoroughly answered all my questions, explained what he could do in realistic & laypersons terms, made promises he could keep, & did not push me into a decision. It was clear from the start that he was most interested in me as a person, what's best for me, not a paycheck. 

Office: His staff is fantastic, patient, organized, flexible, readily available, professional & caring. The office is very easy to get to and parking is a cinch.

Procedure: I was given everything I needed to navigate the surgery center with ease, travel to & from, parking, pre-surgery admin, pre-op prep, post-op needs (I demanded my mother be present the moment I was wheeled into recovery & this was agreed to without event).

Post Op: Dr Massry provided his personal mobile phone for direct communication and guided me to call for any reason or concern during my recovery. In fact, I didn't contact him enough it would seem because I received calls directly from him and/or his staff each day to check on my condition.

Recovery: I was taken by surprise by how difficult it was to open my eyes for 2-3 days after the procedure. This got better each day, but I'd been informed of a 2 day recovery... I wasn't comfortable keeping my eyes open for any length of time until over a week post op. This inconvenienced me at work, but I got it worked out. Just keep in mind, each body is unique and will recover in its own way so it is difficult to provide patients of an estimate for healing.

Cost: Expensive. Worth every penny. It is not wise to bargain shop for surgery! I found the best in the world with Dr. Massry."


Julie L. - "I have been thinking about getting an eye lift for a few years now, but wanted to make sure I took the time to do my homework and find the best eyelid surgeon out there. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but during my research Dr Massry's name kept coming up. After doing some more research on Dr Massry, I discovered he has written several textbooks about cosmetic eyelid surgery and lectures about surgery around the world. I decided I would book a consultation with him the next time I was in Los Angeles to visit my daughter.  When I went in to see Dr Massry I told him that I was interested in blepharoplasty and had been thinking about it for a few years. To my surprise, he told me an eye lift wasn't even what I needed! The reason my eyelids were sagging was actually because my brow had dropped and a brow lift would be more beneficial at restoring my youthful appearance. He took the time to describe what an endoscopic brow lift entails, what sort of results I could expect and how the recovery process goes. While I was a little shocked that I didn't need just a simple eye lift like, I had been thinking for years, I am so glad I went to see Dr Massry and to find out which surgery will actually give me the results I want. At this time, I have not yet booked the surgery with Dr Massry, but am hoping to do it by the end of the year. Dr Massry is a wonderful educator and has a terrific staff! His surgery coordinator, Anna, also did a great job explaining all costs and answered all of the questions I had in such a caring and compassionate manner."


Carole F. - "I was afflicted with Bell’s Palsy in 2005. The paralysis affected the entire left side of my face, leaving me unable to properly blink or close my eye and unable to smile or make facial expressions. In addition to the physical dysfunction, I looked quite disfigured which was emotionally very difficult. After a year of trying a variety of physical therapy approaches, acupuncture and undergoing diagnostic nerve testing, it was clear I was not going to have any recovery. I had weights implanted in my eyelid to assist with closure and a brow lift to raise my left eye to a more normal level. I underwent a surgical procedure to split my hypoglossal (tongue) nerve and connect half of it to my nonfunctioning facial nerve. After several more months, this procedure did give some “tone” to my facial muscles and improved my sagging left face by about 40%. I continued with intense, specialized physical therapy for about six months with no further improvement. Since then, I have coped with constant “dry eye” (requiring lubricating ointment at night & multiple times during day), irritating eyelashes that pointed downward and a progressively drooping eyelid which began to impair my vision in recent years. 
I was referred to Dr. Massry by my ophthalmologist. My priorities were to improve comfort and function. I found Dr. Massry to possess all the qualities that other patients mention: knowledgeable, competent, realistic, creative, compassionate, patient and caring. I had spent years being my own advocate. Most physicians know little about Bell’s Palsy and there is no cure. I heard “there is nothing we can do” countless times. Insurance companies know even less about Bell’s Palsy and every treatment option can be a major battle for coverage. Dr. Massry suggested some surgical approaches that would minimize “cutting” on my already severely compromised eyelid. In lay terms, Dr. Massry repositioned the weights in my eyelid, repositioned my eyelashes and performed another left brow lift to raise my sagging eyelid. He also performed a right brow lift to improve overall symmetry. The outcome hugely surpassed my admittedly limited hopes. Dr. Massry has changed my life! My eye closure is much better thus hugely reducing constant dry eye. I no longer suffer from irritating eyelashes 24/7. I don’t feel like I am looking out from under a “hood”. The biggest surprise was that my eyes appear much more normal and symmetrical. I am much less self conscious and people I meet for the first time do not ask if I had a stroke. I would recommend Dr. Massry to anyone who has need. He is truly THE BEST!"


Irianti - "First of all, i want to thanks Dr. Guy Massry for doing an excellent job for my upper eyelid blepharoplasty and upper eyelid recession. Dr. Massry is highly skilled surgeon, and also loving and caring doctor. I had my surgery in the morning and he personally called me later that evening to check on me. I'm glad that i got him as my doctor. The best part is that it looks so natural, even my husband didn't notice anything, which i love it. I would definitely refer Dr. Guy Massry to my friend and family. Dr. Massry, you're the best. :)"


"Dr. Guy G. Massry is an outstanding surgeon. He listens, observes, and takes his time to answer all of my questions diligently. I'm so happy with the result of my endoscopic brow lift and upper eyelid surgery. His artistic workmanship is extraordinaire. I'm so fortunate to have found him. Thank you, Dr. Massry. You are the best!!!!"


Doris L. - "Dr Massry is truly amazing!!! From the moment I first walked in his office I knew I could trust him. I told Dr Massry I trusted him to do whatever he thought was best to make me look my best. I ended up having an endoscopic brow lift and upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty with fat repositioning. The results are better than I could have ever imagined! What I love the most about the results is that I still look like myself, just a younger version!! I have already recommended Dr Massry to a lot of my girlfriends. If you are considering any type of cosmetic eye surgery, you have to see Dr Massry - there is no one better!!"


DD Medford - "I am writing this in hopes that my experience can possibly help others who have had their brows lifted too high. I actually had a brow and cheek lift which left my face around my eyes, temples, cheeks and forehead looking much different in a negative way. I was sunken in and because the brows were so high you could see the brow bone (the fat in crease of eyelids was gone as well as around orbital rim and temple area). The result was devastating. I spent months researching what was out there to help me. Unfortunately I could not find much information. I sought out an Occulofacial Plastic Surgeon in Portland who recommended botox to lower brow. This helped a bit but my appearance was still “weird”. I don’t know how to explain it but I know there are other women out there who have had the same experience and are looking for help. I then went to the best of the best Plastic Surgeons (the ones you hear about and see on TV all the time) and although they were able to inject filler under the eye they still were not comfortable injecting around the eye. During one of my visit the Plastic Surgeon mentioned to his nurse to seek out feedback from Dr. Massry on weather or not lowering the brow would help me. He then indicated if Dr. Massry felt it would help then he (the Surgeon I was visiting) would perform the surgery. It was at this time I decided to research Dr. Massry myself. Based on my findings (my husband and I both researched) we made an appointment with Dr. Massry. I have only had one visit and it was the best thing I have ever done. This has been 4 years of trying to get help. He is phenomenal with injecting filler around eyes, temple area. I am sure he is as good with any injections but this visit entailed the very delicate eye area which no one was able to inject without lumps, bumps, unevenness. Dr. Massry is an expert in this area. I tell you it is unbelievable the art of his hand and knowledge of where the filler should go with the botched surgery he was dealing with. He is not recommending surgery at present and suggested the fillers. I thought I would have same result as in the past from all the other Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and was taken aback with his precision. I finally have hope. Dr. Massry has also developed a brow lift surgery which is done endoscopically from the side which might be able to help me down the road but he was not recommending this. I have booked another appointment to have him inject in the upper eye area where the crease is. Finally I want to mention that he listened so carefully and ask specific questions about how I was explaining so he understood exactly what was bothering me. He was kind, caring and so knowledgeable!!"



Alexandra H.- "I am so thankful Dr. Massry exists, or I'd hate to even consider where I would be today."

Actually, I know where I'd be today... incredibly, emotionally and physically scarred from the mistakes of another surgeon. I can't express how much his acute assessment of what revisions to make, and his understanding of the emotional make up that one needs going into surgery whether it be first time or revisional is of paramount importance.

His honesty, coupled with his skill and delivery as a surgeon, is what I've come to trust and rely in with him, where previously others have come up short, if at all. My eyes underneath were so bloated with fat that was misplaced there by another surgeon it had distorted my whole self image. Dr. Massry took the time and the vested interest in what would otherwise be a high risk case (not exactly what many doctors would care to have the responsibility of) to make the changes. Which have brought back not only some aesthetic beauty but most of all the confidence to shine from my inner beauty once again.


Amal E. - "I had fat grafting under my eyes almost a year ago.. The way the fat was placed, made my eyes look tired and I looked like I've aged.. I went to see if Dr. Massry would be able to help me..And I have to say, He Did! He injected me with 5FU in the area the fat was placed, and told me give it about a week or two for results.. It Worked!! I couldn't believe it! I no longer have that look of aging nor tiredness..Im sure there are More people out there who don't know about the 5FU injection that removes fat grafting.. I learned my lesson to only see a Dr. who specializes under the eyes..Dr.Massry, Thank You so very much for helping me.. I wish I came to you sooner!! Also, I was truly impressed with your nice facility and the caring staff and friendly can do attitude and smiles.  Dr. Massry was extremely Caring, kind, and made me feel real comfortable.
Thank You Dr. Massry and Staff!"


V.M. - "I am a 74 year old female professional. Like most seniors I was concerned about the aging process playing out beneath my lower eye lids and deepening laugh lines. Many specialists in the field of plastic surgery often fill these areas improperly. As a result, the formation of scar tissue can occur over time, leaving the lower eye lids lumpy. This is what happened to me. Each time I sought professional treatment, I was left with noticeable irregularities. Three months ago with great trepidation, I sought the aid of a well known cosmetic dermatologist. He determined that I would be better served by seeing an expert in Ophthalmic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and referred me to Dr. Guy Massry.

My first visit was a pleasant one. Dr. Massry is a fine human being. His staff is warm and welcoming. Depending on the time of day the wait in the waiting room is between 3-10 minutes. After the doctor carefully examined my eyes, he explained how the scar tissue beneath my lower eye lids interfered with an optimal cosmetic result and suggested an alternative way to improve my appearance. To my delight his individualized treatment plan was well formulated for my particular needs. As he spoke, his vast knowledge and experience was apparent. 

I have seen Dr Massry three times since early April. During this time I have seen a 90% improvement in the appearance of both laugh lines and lower eye lids. For these reasons I am pleased to recommend Dr. Guy Massry to those who seek facial cosmetic improvements, knowing you are in safe and competent hands."

Z0 W. - "Dr. Massry is the best doctor around.  And not just because of his incredible surgical skills.  He's one of the most caring, nicest and kindest doctors/people I've ever met.  I have been Dr. Massry's patient for over 15 years and he's always treated me like a family member or a good friend.  In the beginning I was getting Botox and facial fillers, but several years ago Dr. Massry performed a lower eyelid surgery.  The results are great and even now, years later, I'm still happy with how my eyes look. I have also referred a couple of friends and family members to Dr. Massry and they look great after  their eye surgeries and are very happy with the results. I only wish there were more doctors like Dr. Massry - excellent surgeon and a caring person."

Marilyn A. - "Dr. Massry is the only doctor I would recommend for eye surgery.  Please note I worked for a plastic surgeon in my youth, although that doctor was very talented, his skills did not come close to that of Dr. Massry.   After reading reviews about several doctors, my husband and I decided to make a consultation with Dr. Massry.   Although he was unable to perform eye surgery on me because of thin skin, he was able to use injections to give me a more youthful appearance.  He did an excellent job, but further he was gentle and did not leave any bruises.  My husband, who was very hesitant to have eye surgery, trusted Dr. Massry and signed up for surgery the day of our consultation.  The first thing my husband said when I saw him after  surgery was "I didn't feel a thing."  Furthermore, he healed quickly and his results are exceptional.  We are very pleased and hope others will seek out Dr. Massry if they are thinking of having eye surgery.   He is an exceptional surgeon and person, we are very grateful for what he has done for us."

Ava K. - "Dr Massry is not your ordinary cosmetic eye surgeon.He surpasses the word exceptional.I was interested in possibly getting my eyelids done, lifted etc. Age had started showing but much worse my lids were so heavy I could barley see. I had asked my regular eye doctor if he would write a note to a plastic surgeon for me so that insurance would cover it. It is considered medical if it affects your site. He told me that he wanted me to see Dr. Massry, not only because he was the best cosmetic eye surgeon but because he was an eye surgeon. Off I went to see Dr Massry. He was much younger than I expected and his office staff really on top of everything. He examined my eyes and said I can't do the surgery yet. i think there is something wrong. he continued on saying that it appeared that my left eye was falling back into my head. I could really not tell but I trusted him due to the incredible recommendation. He sent me for a scan and we discovered that my sinus of all things was totally messed up--I don't remember the real term. He sent me to a nose doctor who ended up doing a sinus surgery which stopped my eye from falling deeper into the socket. I am not ready for my surgery after all the testing to insure that this is in fact medically needed. Dr Massry is so caring and has so much knowledge. He is so gentle and nice and ensures confidence. I would give him a ten star review if I could."

Damien T. - "Very happy with the results of my Brow Lift and Lid Lift. Dr. Massry is a total professional who clearly enjoys and takes pride in his work.  Very courteous staff. My procedure was difficult because my receding hairline would make it difficult to hide the scar. I'm pleased to say that Dr. Massry hid my scars, and delivered great results. Highly recommend."

Lor K. - "I have worked with and known hundred of physicians for the last 25 years as a healthcare provider. I went to Dr. Massry after thorough search to remove under eye bags. I was very impressed with his knowledge, kindness and expertise. The results of the fillers that he injected was amazing and outstanding, I am very pleased with the results. He is a perfectionist, and care about all my concerns and answered all my questions with confidence, I trust him and I would highly recommend him for any eye surgical procedure. I never post reviews, but this time I was so impressed, I had to tell the world about my experience. Thank you Dr. Massry for being one of the best ophthalmic plastic surgeon in the world."

Thank You, Dr. Massry - for being in the profession you are in and bringing true value and making a difference in my life!



Kathryn C. - "My face is completely symmetrical and I look 15 years younger. You truly worked magic for me."



Never in all my wildest dreams did I think that my face could look better, than before the botched surgery. But somehow with your special gifts, you achieved it. My face is completely symmetrical and I look 15 years younger. You truly worked magic for me.



For nine months every time I passed by the mirror, I would get a pain in my gut thinking about living with a crooked face for the rest of my life, but now when I look in the mirror I actually cry... tears of joy.



Dr. Massry, each time I go to the mirror, it's a reminder that my nightmare is over. I can hold my head up again, take off the sunglasses, pull back my hair, and be proud once again, of the face I see in the mirror everyday.



You not only made me more beautiful, but you made me a whole person again, body heart, and soul. I don't know how I will ever repay your kindness.



My hat is off to you, Dr Massry and your staff, for being so wonderful to me.



Dr. Massry, You have many special and obviously incredible talents. but what impressed me the most was, you big beautiful heart.



Pamyla L., Owner, Prive' Recovery - "All of Dr. Massry's patients love him!"



I had eyelid surgery in December 2002 by Dr. Massry. He repaired my eyelid back to looking perfect. His compassionate and warm personality alongside with his excellent medical skills are truly one of a kind. He surely displays a dedication to his patients that makes him the best. I refer all of my friends to him every chance I get. I own an after care [facility] in Beverly Hills (Prive' Recovery Retreat).



All of Dr. Massry's patients love him! He not only takes the time to phone them, but visits them at the after-care whenever he can sneak away from his busy surgery schedule.



The results are the best, his patients hardly have any bruising. All of my nurses say that Dr. Massry has the gentle touch and his work is perfect."



N. V. - 48 year old working mother of a 2 year old - "I chose Dr Massry to do my eyelid and eyebrow surgery because of his kind and unassuming manner."

I felt very much at ease with him as he addressed all my concerns in a caring and professional way. His patient care consultant was fantastic in helping me maneuver my way around a completely foreign territory of surgery. She helped me through every step of the way, from my 1st appointment to my every office visit and all the details in between. As for Dr. Massry's skills, he's a master at his craft and the proof is in my result. I couldn't be happier, and the best part is that no one can pinpoint what 's different about me because it's so natural! They think I look really young, happy and rested and wonder if I did something different to my hair. I wouldn't hesitate to refer anyone to Dr. Massry.



Anne D. - "I so appreciated not only his professionalism, but his warm, compassionate and down-to-earth manner."



I was not overjoyed to find out I had "issues" with my eyes which required Dr. Massry's expertise, but I realized it was a blessing in disguise because it afforded me the opportunity to meet him and have him as my doctor! I so appreciated not only his professionalism, but his warm, compassionate and down-to-earth manner. I have been to many doctors through the course of my life and, in the short time I have know him, I have felt more at ease and have looked forward to seeing him at each visit more than with any other doctor.



Walter R. Decaen, Medical Law Litigator & Attorney (retired)



- "Dr. Massry has a great sense of humor, is very positive and uplifting."



Marjorie L., Investor - "I feel Dr. Massry is the BEST!"



I have been to other plastic surgeons for BOTOX®, and I feel Dr. Massry is the BEST!



Sharon H. - "Dear Dr. "Fix-It" Massry,"



I just want to thank you for being the ABSOLUTE BEST!! Not only did you correct the two disastrous surgeries that I had from the other doctor in a most professional environment, but also you and your staff of nurses were so kind and gentle. Because I was such a nervous wreck, I know I wasn't the best patient, but you were all so calm and caring that I actually felt at ease.well, almost!!!



I went to dinner with some friends last night and they couldn't believe how great I look. They had seen me after the other surgeries so they KNEW how awful the "before" was!! I think maybe the BOTOX® and the Restalyne helped in their assessment!!!



Again, Dr. Massry, thank you and, of course, your staff of nurses in the surgery center, a million times for what you did for me. I am so happy with my new eyes and my softer-looking face!



I wish you all the best! From the first moment I met you, I felt at ease and comfortable – like you were already a good friend!! You are a wonderful person, and I am grateful we met. (Thank you also to Dr. Boxer-Wachler!)



Penelope H.

Following a nightmarish corrective surgery I had done in a third world country; I needed to find a surgeon here in Los Angeles; to (if possible) repair the damage done. Dr. Guy Massry was the first and immediate choice of an enormously respected surgeon here in Los Angeles.

From the first appointment when I met Dr. Massry he not only successfully repaired the damage done from the first surgery but with his compassion, gentle manner and brilliant skills eased the psychological stress as well.



Ted K. - "My eyes are the same size, and I have a clear filed of vision. Thank you, Dr. Massry!"



I suffered from Ptosis of the left eye that seriously decreased my field of vision. I underwent surgery to correct the problem. The surgery failed. I had a second surgery to correct the problem. It also failed! Two surgeries: nothing accomplished. I was devastated.

Now, admittedly discouraged and fearful of all surgeons, I went to Dr. Massry. This would be my third try to correct my Ptosis. My fears proved to be needless. Dr. Massry not only accomplished a successful Ptosis correction, he did it in spite of the major buildup of scar tissue from the previous failed surgeries.

Today, no more Ptosis! My eyes are the same size, and I have a clear filed of vision. Thank you, Dr. Massry!



Ron K. - "I can say, with humor, that he helped me overcome "mid life crisis". I am now looking forward to the second half of my life with renewed self confidence and continued self respect.."

Dr. Massry's surgical skills and artistry have significantly helped to give me the self confidence that I needed to continue pursuing my personal goals and ambitions. I can say, with humor, that he helped me overcome "mid life crisis". I am now looking forward to the second half of my life with renewed self confidence and continued self respect...not only for what I have achieved, but for what I still have to achieve. Dr. Massry has played a significant part in helping me to maintain that self confidence. Ron Kendrick



Bill K., RN - "My entire experience with your office, from my very first consultation to my post-surgery follow-up [was] terrific."



Dear Dr. Massry,

I am writing this note to tell you again how greatly satisfied I am with the results of my surgery. In fact, my entire experience with your office, from my very first consultation to my post-surgery follow-up has been terrific. Your assessments and the surgical recommendations you made to help me achieve my personal goals were spot on. I also want to commend you on your excellent office staff that made me feel comfortable from the very start of the process. By the day of my surgery, I felt completely prepared and confident about my decision. As a registered nurse myself, I hold pretty high standards regarding how I treat my own patients. I am delighted to say that could not have been more pleased with the treatment I received from your nurse and your anesthesiologist. Going into surgery can make one feel extremely vulnerable and they could not have made me feel more at ease.

Ultimately, the results of the surgery are what matter most, however, and I could not be happier with my mine. Thanks to your awesome skills and expertise, my refreshed eyes and brow have exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for a job well done



Natalie - "My eyes look amazingly more open, alert, and "happier," which make me look – and feel – younger."



Thank you, Dr. Massry. My eyes look amazingly more open, alert, and "happier," which make me look – and feel – younger. And I greatly appreciate your caring consult and after-care. You took time with me to assess, recommend, and inform me, which eliminated any concerns I may have had. My recovery was so quick and my results so good – you truly worked magic! Natalie – Speaker, Trainer, Consultant



Hillary - "My husband says I gained 10-15 years, and all my friends raved."



Dr. Massry is the best! I needed help with my eyes. I had droopy lids and lower bags and hollows, it was making me look and feel old and tired. Having never had any kind of elective surgery, I was apprehensive about the outcome and nervous about the whole thing. I am so glad I went to Dr. Massry. The outcome was better than I could have ever dreamed. My husband says I gained 10-15 years, and all my friends raved. My eyes keep getting better and better. There was no obvious sign that I had done anything at all, just a "refreshed" and more youthful look. I am so glad I did it and Dr. Massry is why!!! Not only did he do a FANTASTIC job, he helped me through my anxiety with his calm and professional manner. He was available to me for anything I needed and I am forever grateful to him. See this patents before and after photos.



Robert Michael Chiusano

• Very positive impression form beginning? Reception through Initial surgical evaluation
- Listened to what I wanted yet followed with his perspectives and options
- Recommended techniques that would deal with my concerns yet took a more “conservative” approach
- Much Appreciated
• All logistics for setting up and accomplishing surgery/follow-on care communicated well in advance, implemented flawlessly.
• Surgery performed without complications, all post-surgery “dynamics” were predicted in advance with instructions/resources to deal with them were all provided in advance.
• Dr. Massry was personally always reachable and always responded in a few minutes. This was very important, re-assuring.
• The value of going to a cosmetic surgeon who specializes/Board Certified on the areas that impact the eye is so vital, yet not so well understood by the public “market”. Not all “cosmetic surgeons” could produce desired results on procedures involving the eye area without the ophthalmic certification.



Only 1 month after the surgery, I can tell/see a vast difference even from a more conservative procedure set. I have had more compliments on how rested, refreshed I look without them, knowing of thinking I had anything done. That’s awesome!



Came in as a prospective patient, came out a friend.



I would recommend Dr. Massry for any ophthalmic plastic surgery procedure, without reservation whatsoever!!



Jerrilyn O.

May 2, 2009 was the day a tragic car accident had occurred. It caused me to get a tracheotomy, lumbar surgery, a cerebral hemorrhage, and left side facial fractures which then included compete damage to my left eye. Because of all the damage that was caused to my left eye, Dr. Massry worked his magic to reconstruct and reshape my eye to make it look as natural and normal as possible. Looking in the mirror isn’t hard for me anymore because of the self esteem he had helped me regain because of his use of compassion, skill, and professionalism. If you need or want help cosmetically, Dr. Massry is the best person to go to. Trust me. With his kindness and skill, he’s worth your time. He made a huge positive difference in my live. He will make a huge positive difference in yours.



Denise Renee S.

I want to start off by simply saying THANK YOU, Dr. Massry you are truly amazing! Until I met Dr. Massry, I felt that my life would never be back to normal and I would always have to deal with issues with my eye. A few years ago, I started having an issue with my too many eyelashes growing in the inner corner of my eye, which caused me to constantly have irritated, infected and troublesome eye problems. This problem became so bad that I turned to an eye doctor (NOT Dr. Massry) who suggested a procedure to burn the excess eyelashes and follicles with a laser in order to get rid of the problem. In explaining the procedure to me, the doctor stated that there would be no visual damage to my eyelid and that the procedure would be very minimal; however in the end that was not the case. After having the procedure done, instead of being satisfied, I was left mortified, depressed and self-conscious because I was left with large bald and swollen gaps between my eyelashes and a drooping eyelid where the doctor damaged my skin with the laser and my lashes would no longer grow. I had to deal with this devastation for quite some time because the doctor had no solution for this error and no remorse for what I was going through due to his malpractice. It wasn’t until I found Dr. Massry that I began to get my life back together, due to his willingness to help me correct the horrible aftermath of the first procedure. Dr. Massry was very professional, caring, understanding and willing to do his best to help me get my eyes back to what they used to be. He explained to me that there as a plastic surgery type procedure that he could perform on my eyelid that would remove the swollen gaps of skin and then pull the space together slightly which would bring the eyelashes back together and give my eye a more natural uniform look which would leave a very slight scar that would fade over time. Although I trusted Dr. Massry, going into this procedure I was extremely nervous due to what I was already subjected to from the original eye doctor and his horrible surgical outcome. He explained to me how pleased I would be with the outcome and how this was a great yet simple procedure that would make me feel better about the appearance of my eye. The actual procedure itself was over quickly and the pain was very minimal. I was released from the surgical center with a few stitches in my eyelid that sere later removed by Dr. Massry in his office. After the removal of the stitches, I had a series of follow-up appointments with Dr. Massry and in each appointment he assured me that I was still healing and was recovering quite well, which I completely agree with. The entire experience to date has been extremely pleasant, reassuring and a breeze to go through. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for Dr. Massry and this procedure, I now have my confidence back, I can give people eye contact without shying away because of a drooping eye and I am enjoying life free of eye problems. Dr. Massry, you are absolutely amazing! Thank you again!



Austin H.

In early July, 2010, our son, age 15, was struck in the eye and nose by an 80 mph pitch during a baseball tournament. He sustained several fractures to his left Orbital Rim as well as his nose. Die to the nature of the accident, time was of the essence for reconstructive surgery. We were forced to choose a readily available General Plastic Surgeon to perform the surgery. Shortly following this procedure, our son’s lower eyelid pulled down due to scarring and muscle that attached to the plate affixed to his orbital rim. Concerned about what was happening, my husband contacted his client and friend, Dr. Paul Nassif for his opinion. Paul graciously arranged a consult with his colleague, Dr. Massry. This is the part where we knew that angels were watching over us…Dr. Massry quickly assessed the problem and determined the solution necessary to correct out son’s eyelid. I will say that our son arrived fearful. Not only did he have a needle phobia, but he had such a bad experience though and after the first surgery that he was anxious and apprehensive. Dr. Massry thoroughly explained what was going on, not directed at us, but to our son. He immediately put our son’s mind at ease and further discussed his phobia and how Dr. Massry had overcome his own. Before the end of the consultation, Dr. Massry was giving our son injections into his lower eyelid to help ease the scarring so his eyelid would at least close. We knew that Dr. Massry was the only surgeon whom we would allow to do the revision Austin would need.

The procedure Dr. Massry recommended was to graft tissue from the hard pallet in Austin’s mouth. This would be placed over the orbit plates once Dr. Massry could remove the scar tissue that was creating the problem. He explained that there were synthetic materials used for this purpose but there was a higher risk of his body rejecting this material which would mean further surgery. We opted to do what was recommended. Admittedly, the graft taken from the roof of Austin’s mouth was the most painful part of the procedure. Thankfully, Dr. Massry had us see Austin’s Orthodontist to have a special retainer made to cover and protect the area where the graft was taken. That was a blessing and helped a great deal during the 2-3 weeks of healing. Though an incision was made directly below Austin’s lower lid during the first surgery, Dr. Massry, due to his high level of expertise, did not –re-open that incision, rather he went through the eye socket to remove the scar tissue, to minimize the risk of further scarring. It was clear to us that Dr. Massry was for more experienced with this type of surgery.

At just five weeks post-surgery, Austin’s eye is healing magnificently! Before, we were concerned that his eyes would never be symmetrical again, but thanks to Dr. Massry, they are and almost unable to tell he was injured at all. That is incredible to us, and exceeded any expectation we had coming out to the surgery. Our hope was that our son would be able to close his eye properly and that his lid would not sag and look noticeable different. We never dreamed he would appear to have no complication after such a devastating accident and a substandard first surgery. Moreover, Dr. Massry took great care of Austin following surgery, with several follow-up appointments and calls he was always prompt to return. Without question, we would recommend Dr. Massry and his staff of competent Administrators, Nurses, Anesthesiologists and other Physicians.



Michelle M.

I came to see Dr. Massry for a consultation regarding my lower lid. I had recently had a brow lift and fat grafting to the area which resulted in some over filling of the tear trough. My previous surgeon had tried to remove some of the fat through a small incision. Unfortunately the sutures came undone the next day resulting in what would be several attempts to get this incision to close up/ eventually, it healed with the bottom flap of skin lying over the top flap. This overlap pulled my lower lid away from my eye surface. My daughter affectionately referred to this look as “monster eye”. After going through six months of deformity with the fat graft and the lid issue, I was nervous and depressed to have to go through yet another procedure to look normal. Dr. Massry carefully evaluated the skin and the scar tissue and came up with a plan to correct the lower lid as well as even out my brows which had settled lower on one side.

Once you get to know Dr. Massry, you learn that he thrives on a challenge and will do all he can to achieve not just a good result, but a perfect result. I was awake and alert through the whole procedure, listening to him and his staff work. He is meticulous and focused during the procedure and with his superior skill and vision has given me back my ability to look others in the eye again. I am amazed a=t the result and with no viable scars I am free of the “monster eye”. My kids and brows are even and natural. If you are considering any eve of facial work, I would not recommend anyone other than Dr. Massry. Whether you are in need of a revision from previous work, of you want to get it right the first time. It is clear this is him gift and calling.



This is the first time I have written a review. Just to let you know my background. I am a mother of 3 children and a grandmother of 9 children. My son is a head and neck surgeon, and I must say that I have been around quite a few physicians during my lifetime and I have never met or had a more skilled physician than Dr. Massry. Last year I had a face lift with another doctor that went very well, but something happened to my lower eyelids. Both lower eyelids drooped down, felt uncomfortable and looked very strange. Well thanks to the Golden Hands of Dr. Massry my eyes look just Perfect. Not only is Dr. Massry skilled, but he also is the kindest and sweetest most understanding Dr. that I know. He really listens to his patients. Also, Anna his assistant is terrific! She was always there to fit me in when needed, and answered any questions that I had in a timely manner. This was going to be a short note but as I reflected on my 3 planned surgeries this year, I must say that I could write a book on how pleased I was with my treatment and results. Dr. Massry is the best, I highly recommend him and I am sure that you won't be sorry that you selected him as your physician.

Thank-you so much Dr. Massry,

Yvonne R.



I lost my right eye 32 years ago and never knew the options I had until I met Dr. Stolpe who then introduced me to Dr. Massry. On a daily basis during work or while coaching my sons baseball of soccer teams, there are constant reminders about my appearance. Over time my lids started to sag dramatically while my prosthetic eye did not align properly and gazed either down of over the persons shoulder I was speaking with. The team of Dr. Stolpe and Dr. Massry worked together to dramatically resolve my appearance. After Dr. Stolpe created a new prosthetic eye that fit properly, Dr. Massry adjusted my upper and lower lids. From the first meeting with Dr. Massry, he made me feel comfortable and explained all options, recommendations. I believe Dr. Massry understands patients anxiety over such a procedure since this is your major interface with everyone you meet…your eyes. I appreciate the effort, energy and passion Dr. Massry provided me throughout this process.

Rob K.r



I have had two surgeries performed by Dr. Massry. The first was 10 years ago when he did a brow lift and upper eyelid lift. The second was last month when I had the upper lids lifted with fat grafting under my brows and in my cheeks.

My experience both times has been excellent. The office runs very smoothly with a wonderful staff who has never kept me waiting for an appointment – very rare in the medical world!

Dr. Massry made me feel very comfortable from start to finish and explained every procedure thoroughly. The staff at the surgical center was terrific as well and created an atmosphere of safety and trust. Of course Dr. Massry’s expertise is what drew me to his practice not once, but twice. I had complete confidence in his abilities and I knew that he would never settle for anything but perfect results. After one month post surgery I am happy with what I see in the mirror and know that the results will be even better in a few months time. I would and will highly recommend Dr. Massry to anyone in need of an ocular plastic surgeon.

Denise S.